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404 [by L.A. Times]


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Meet Daniel Sofer. You won’t find him on wikipedia, but his work is woven into the music of Madonna, New Order, The Police and countless others. @beachboyz2men shares more about how Dan got his start, from creating telephone hold music to ending up working with Dr. Dre, helping to shape the sound of early hip-hop, and beyond...

#hiphop #rapbeats #musichistory #losangeles #LAhistory #latimes

Music courtesy of Daniel Sofer, Alonzo Williams/Kru-Cut Records, and Cletus Anderson/Saturn Records.
"The Coldest Rap (Part 1)" by Ice-T (Saturn Records)
"The Sound of the Oberheim DMX" by Daniel Sofer (Daniel Sofer)
"Rappin' 100 Speakers" by Daniel Sofer (Saturn Records)
"Surgery" by The Wreckin' Cru (Kru-Cut Records)
The Bureau of Infrastructure Inspections, which is not affiliated with the city of Los Angeles, held an unofficial inspection of a thrilling destination for Angelenos: @flylaxairport . The seven-mile walk journeyed through all nine of LAX’s terminals (a walk made possible by the recent completion of Delta Sky Way, connecting Terminal 3 to Tom Bradley International).

The Bureau’s mission is simple: to demystify urban planning and infrastructure and make L.A. more accessible to the public (usually by way of bike).

@safinazzal joined the Bureau on their five-hour walking inspection of LAX, logging 16,360 steps.

#urbanexploring #infrastructure #lax #publictransportation #urbanplanningtiktok #losangeles #latimes
@knottsberryfarmofficial kicks off its 50th #KnottsScaryFarm season today. And sure, nowadays seemingly every theme park has a Halloween celebration, but Knott's was the first theme park to program multiple nights of frights. @__tomcarroll loves Knott's Scary Farm and shares some of his spoooky tips.

#knottsberryfarm #scaryfarm50 #latimes
@micahfluellen_404 drove over 90 miles in search of 🍂🍁 fall vibes 🍂🍁 and all he got was a lesson about "lake rights," (but maybe also some friends along the way).

#lakearrowhead #landownership #california #latimes
Big Oil is under heavy pressure across both coasts, following protests and arrests during #ClimateWeekNYC and a historic lawsuit issued by California's Attorney General, Rob Bonta.
@safinazzal shares more on the Climate Week protests and how the fossil fuel industry in California may be held accountable for their alleged "decades-long campaign of deception."

#climatechange #climateweeknyc #california #newyork #latimes
The Corpse Flower smells like an "industrial dumpster in the summertime," according to Brandon Tam, Orchid Curator at the gardens at @thehuntington . One bloomed on September 12, the second could bloom as early today, tomorrow or possibly this weekend.

@__tomcarroll gave it a sniff yesterday and shares more about this 7-foot-tall flower that blooms for just 24 hours.

#huntingtongardens #corpseflower #losangeles #latimes
A new use for AI? California's firefighting agency is using artificial intelligence in a first-of-its-kind (in the world) program to detect wildfires across the state.

@safinazzal shares more on the UC San Diego-based public safety program. Called @alertcalifornia, it's already proven successful in improving Cal Fire response times.

And you can check out the view emergency managers see, at: cameras.alertcalifornia.org

#wildfire #climate #climatechange #ai #california #latimes
Those last long days of summer ... the perfect time to get some sun and paddle 32 miles from Catalina to Manhattan Beach. [record scratch]

404 Contributor
@beachboyz2men made his way out to this year’s Catalina Classic to find a thriving community of paddle board racers and get to know its rich history, courtesy of the Hermosa Beach Museum.

#surf #paddleboard #catalinaisland #manhattanbeach #latimes
@__tomcarroll has admired the mysterious Oki Dog from afar for a long time — two hot dog links, a scoop of chili, pastrami, and cheese, all wrapped up in a tortilla. But until yesterday, had never actually eaten one. So he set out to rectify that by eating three of these L.A. delicacies, back-to-back-to-back. Does he make it out alive? Let's find out...

When you're here you're family, no rules, just right.

#losangeles #LAfood #latimes #okidog #hotdogsofLA #foodtok #getcultured
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