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Lark in the Morning


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What is #Conjunto music? [Majority of this video's info from the Library of Congress Los Texmaniacs intro, Wikipedia, and cross-checked between various sources. We're always open to additional information in the comments, if you have something you'd like to add or correct.] #LarkCamp is coming up! Let's explore Lark's many classes, by learning about conjunto. Conjunto is a genre that emerged with Texas Mexicans in the early 20th century, drawing influences from Mexican folk music, as well as German, Czech, and Polish rhythms like #polkas , #schottisches , waltzes and more. It is characterized by its energetic and lively #rhythms , vocal harmonies, intricate #accordion melodies, and the driving pulse of the #bajosexto , the twelve-string "Mexican guitar," telling stories of love, loss, resilience, and cultural pride. It serves as a soundtrack to moments of celebration and connection. The heart and soul of Conjunto lies in its ability to bring together people in celebration. Whether it's at a backyard barbecue, a lively dancehall, or a fiesta, Conjunto sets the stage for community. Learn conjunto music at Lark Camp, with Miguel Govea and Susan Peña, from July 28th to August 5th. Come unite cultures and hearts through the universal language of music.

#TexMex #cumbia
What is #Quebecois music? As we gear up for #LarkCamp , let's delve into the rich tapestry of Québécois music. Québécois music—like all genres—is deeply rooted in the region's migration history. It's a blend between #Celtic and French music from the 17th century, usually featuring the #fiddle , button accordion, guitar, and piano. Québécois and related regional genres (like #Métis #FirstNations music and #Acadien music) reflect the spirit of community and celebration, often accompanied by lively dancing. On top of that, fiddlers do foot-percussion sometimes on wooden boards. What I find especially infectious and wonderful about these fiddle tunes is the irregular rhythm, which are referred to as "crooked" tunes. Québecois music offers a unique journey into North-Eastern America or Turtle Island's traditional music, capturing an essence of diverse cultural heritage and resilience of people. Experience Lark Camp's Quebecois music class, with Kevin Carr, from July 28th to August 5th. Let's unite cultures and hearts through the universal language of music.

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