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La Resistencia


Ending detention & deportations in Tacoma’s NW Detention Center & beyond!

#HUNGERSTRIKE 5th Hunger strike this year alone! When does it end?
women ended their strike after @icegov showed up immediately to promise to review their cases. We are continuing to support Bhupinder if he continues his hunger strike tonight, and we thank everyone for their support. We will provide updates and if vigils continue this week.
We won’t stop till #NWDC is no more!
In the past weeks two units staged two separate protests: one unit demanded better food while in another separate unit a group of Indian men demanded a diet that met their cultural and religious needs, as well as access to yard time at adequate hours, access to information on their individual cases, amongst many other demands. Due to retaliation both units ceased or changed their protests. Fears of retaliation are well funded, during the February strikes one unit was gassed with at least three unknown chemicals. All of these protests come right after a report by the Office of the Inspector General from August 2022 released last month finds no problems with detention conditions in general, except that food expired for over 3 years was found in the kitchen inventory. 

As GEO Group continues to torture immigrants inside NWDC, The Department of Homeland Security, ICE’s parent agency, is still providing the private prison operator with lucrative contracts to surveil and criminalize immigrants. Immigration detention has increased in the past months. On June 13, people witnessed GEO Group representatives being escorted by ICE and DHS staff through the premises of the agency’s offices in Tukwila, Washington. As hunger strikers refuse food to reclaim their dignity, DHS extends its commitments to profiting from the pain and desperation of immigrant families. Indeed, per The News Tribune, a federal report recently showed that, “ICE paid more than $40 million to the detention center’s for-profit operator, The GEO Group, for unused bed space during fiscal year 2022.” 

#earthday at NWDC climate justice is ending detentions and deportations! #freethemall
#turningtable action with @valley&mountain at #solidarityday
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