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Lana Button_author


Picture book author, educator and presenter

For anyone parenting through a rough transition to school, here are my thoughts, as an early childhood educator with over 30 years experience.
🏫 Remember to keep up the quick, consistent and confident drop-off- and get the heck out of there!
🏫Don’t compare your child to other smiling already-playing kids. This is YOUR child’s transition and every child has their own unique reaction to experiences based on their temperament, sensitivity, and maturity. If your child feels that they are failing at this or are disappointing you, this will only add to unhappy insecure feelings.
🏫Consider giving your child their own visual schedule showing drop-off, morning play, lunch, afternoon play and HOME. A physical reminder of what they are accomplishing - and that they always go home at the end of every day can help ease anxiety.
🏫share this with anyone struggling with transition to school.
🏫📕 Check out my books about life at school dealing with making friends, changes in school routine, dealing with bullying and overcoming anxiety in everyday school situations. Book info in my bio.❤️
Best of luck to you and your child this school year.
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Entering play is a social skill tbat can take practice!
@Pajama Press ) written by me, early childhood edicator and author Lana Button, and illustrated by Peggy Collins, to show your roomie kindergartener to Grade 3 child how Percy makes some perfect friends.
ACTIVITY- Brainstorm with your group about all the things we like to play.
Invite each child to create this:
My name is _________
(Draw a representation of something they like to play)
I like to play________
This can be a great ‘share’ for your group in the first weeks of school!
PERCY’s PERFECT FRIEND is available wherever you buy or borrow books.

Follow me for more tips on a great school year. And check out my other books perfect for preschool to Grade 3 students maneuvering life in school.
#kindergarten #newfriendswanted #kindergartenfriends #kindergartenbooks
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