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How do you spend your time now that you know children are not in the future?🤔

I know it’s so easy to stay curled up cozy with your blanket wrapped around you because it’s comfortable.🛋️

But, you can’t evoke change in your life without getting out of your comfort zone.

So, stop dreaming of the days when you feel better and start walking down the path that will get you there and don’t look back.🏃‍♀️💨

I used to live in my little cocoon and not want to get out. I gained 25 lbs, felt lost and not sure what to do or where to go, I felt so down that the only comfort I had was this blanket.

So when I decided enough is enough, I got a life coach and loved it so much I became one. Lost the weight and have a healthy relationship with fitness. Now I'm looking to the horizon for ways to grow, be better, and leave a lasting legacy.💪

I want the same for you and it’s 100% possible. You don’t have to be that person, you know the one where everything just works out for them and they can do anything. It’s possible for anyone who wants it.💖

To learn more about how to Thrive in your life, click the link in my bio and check out the resources I offer. Sign up for a discovery call where we can chat 1-on-1 or enroll in one of the classes I offer.💻
Either way, I’m here to help you grow and thrive.🥰

On May 13th 2023 I am hosting another Other’s Day Brunch here in Chicago! Everyone is welcome to come, so book your flights now! More details will be coming soon!💖🍾

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Being psyched for the new year is something I know that we all struggle with because it’s just another year that we are reminded the dream of having kids is not in our cards.

Want to know how I started getting excited about the New Year?🤔

I gave myself a word.❕

A word that was going to make me feel grounded and committed to myself this year.🧘‍♀️

My word for this year is ownership.
The reason I chose that word is I really want to have a greater sense of ownership in a multitude of areas in my life.💪🏼
✨I wanted to have a greater sense of ownership in my future.
✨I wanted to have a greater sense of ownership in my infertility story and how it was told and how I believed about myself.
✨I wanted to have more ownership in my career. I thought I was just gonna become a mom and quit working or maybe go to part-time.
✨I really wanna take ownership in teaching about life after infertility in a way that feels like I have ownership in my story, in my relationships.
✨I wanna have ownership in my fears when I get scared about something or tell myself that my life is never gonna feel full.
✨I want to take ownership of those fears that I have and just comfort myself about my dreams.
✨I really wanna have ownership over the dreams that I have and stop telling myself that that's not possible for women like me; that women who are infertile, can't be known as women that are thriving, that are leaders that have a life that can be desired and admired.
There's just such a sense of ownership that I want to bring into 2023.🙌🏻
If you’re interested in knowing more about choosing a word or want a step by step on how to choose one, please 🎧 to The “So Now What?” Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts and select episode 65.❤️
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