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Come see Abel's Lobster, a seasonal lobster and clam house located on Mount Desert Island in Maine.

🦞Here are some reasons why you should visit Abel's Lobster:
🦞Delicious food: Abel's Lobster showcases traditional coastal Maine food with a few modern twists.
🦞They offer wood-fired lobster, which is a must-try.
🦞They also serve other seafood dishes such as clam chowder, lobster rolls, and fried clams.
🦞Waterfront seating: Abel's Lobster has a casual dining room and waterfront seating on a natural fjord.
🦞The view is beautiful, and you can enjoy your meal while taking in the scenery.
🦞Location: Abel's Lobster is located in the Henry R Abel & Co. building on Mount Desert Island
🦞It is a hidden gem that is worth visiting if you are in the area.

If you are planning to visit Mount Desert Island, Abel's Lobster is definitely worth a visit. They are open for lunch from Monday to Saturday.

#maine #mountdesertisland #lamamijuliebarharbor #barharbormaine #abelslobster #lobster #familyfriendlyvacation #travelcontentcreator #contentcreator
Ser ama de casa es una tarea que implica una gran cantidad de trabajo y responsabilidades. A menudo, las personas que realizan esta labor no reciben un salario por su trabajo, lo que puede llevar a una falta de reconocimiento y valoración por parte de la sociedad. Si se les pagara por su trabajo, ¿cuánto podrían ganar?
Es importante tener en cuenta que el trabajo de ama de casa no se rige por las mismas leyes laborales que otros trabajos remunerados. La Ley de Normas Justas de Trabajo (FLSA, por sus siglas en inglés) establece que los trabajadores deben recibir un salario mínimo y pago por horas extras, pero las personas que trabajan en el hogar no están cubiertas por esta ley. Por lo tanto, no hay un salario mínimo establecido para las amas de casa.
Sin embargo, algunas organizaciones han intentado calcular cuánto valdría el trabajo de una ama de casa si se les pagara. Según un estudio realizado por Salary.com en 2021, el trabajo de una ama de casa tendría un valor monetario de $178,201 al año (yo diria k minimo $250K USD en LA como base 😂). Este cálculo se basa en el tiempo que se dedica a las tareas del hogar, como cocinar, limpiar, cuidar a los niños y hacer compras, y se compara con los salarios de otros trabajos que requieren habilidades similares.
Es importante tener en cuenta que este cálculo no es una cifra oficial y que el valor del trabajo de una ama de casa puede variar según la ubicación geográfica y las circunstancias individuales. Además, muchas personas que trabajan en el hogar también realizan trabajos remunerados fuera del hogar, lo que complica aún más la cuestión del salario justo.
En resumen, si las amas de casa recibieran un salario justo por su trabajo, podrían ganar una cantidad significativa de dinero. Sin embargo, debido a la falta de regulaciones laborales y la complejidad de la tarea, no hay una cifra oficial establecida para el salario de las amas de casa. Es importante reconocer el valor del trabajo que realizan y trabajar para garantizar que se les brinde el respeto y la valoración que merecen.
No vale quitarle valor a su labor con decir “Que hiciste todo el dia?”.
Yo trabaje muchis años en oficina corporativa toxica, 12 horas al dia y levantandone a las 4 de la mañana para asistir reuniones mundialmente y con muchisima presión y la neta, es mas gastante y frustante ser ama de casa teniendo niños chiquitos, me imagino que mejora la cosa cuando son mayores 😂. Es verdad que es un privilegio poder ser ama de casa y estar presente para criar a los hijos pero poder irte todo el dia y decir k “yo ya” cumpli con todas las tareas del hogar porque salgo a trabajar, me suena muchisimo mejor aunque viéndolo bien, cuando yo trabajaba tantísimo tambien me tocaba ser ama de casa al 100% 🤔.
Así k la moraleja de la historia es, mejor ser papi, llegar a casa y decir “otra vez en tiktok todo el dia?”. Y ya con eso te relajas en el baño dos horas y listo!

Sigueme para mas consejos. 🤣

#lamamilife #lamamijulie #amadecasa #jajajaja #apocono #neta #espana #mexico
If you are a traffic school in Malaga, I think you have a new customer 😭.

I had to research why Spain had sooo many traffic circles and here is what i found:

In Malaga, Spain, there are many traffic circles, also known as roundabouts or glorietas in Spanish. Here are some reasons why there are so many traffic circles in Malaga:

🚥Traffic Flow: Roundabouts are designed to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion. They allow for continuous movement of vehicles without the need for traffic lights or stop signs
🚥Safety: Roundabouts are considered safer than traditional intersections because they reduce the risk of high-speed, right-angle collisions. They also promote slower speeds and provide better visibility
🚥Efficiency: Roundabouts can handle a higher volume of traffic compared to traditional intersections. They help to distribute traffic evenly and reduce delays
🚥Driver Priority: In roundabouts, the driver who is already in the roundabout has the right of way, unless there are specific signs indicating otherwise
🚥This helps to maintain a smooth flow of traffic.
🚥Road Planning: Spanish road planners have shown a preference for adding roundabouts to Spanish roads. Spain has one of the highest numbers of roundabouts per capita in Europe, with only France and Portugal having more
🚥However, it is worth noting that there have been issues with drivers not following the correct rules at roundabouts in Spain. According to a logistical analysis company, 60% of Spanish drivers do not indicate correctly at roundabouts, which can lead to confusion and accidents
🚥The Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) reported that between 2015 and 2019, there were 45,000 accidents at roundabouts in Spain
🚥Overall, the presence of many traffic circles in Malaga, Spain, is aimed at improving traffic flow, safety, and efficiency. However, it is important for drivers to understand and follow the rules of roundabouts to ensure smooth and safe navigation.

In summary, Spain, you need to stop making traffic circles and start adding more traffic lights 😂!

#lamamilife #lamamijulie #lamamijuliespain #americaninspain #livinginspain #conduceenespaña #spanishlife
I know I’m not the only one who dreamed about living abroad!
When I was 15, my parents took me on my first Euro-trip and I always pictured myself returning to Spain to study abroad. It never happened during my college years and so I applied for my PhD in Europe, however fate made it so I accepted an offer at Sony Pictures and then met my now husband at UCLA who happens to be from Spain. Fast forward to a marriage and two kids and many trips to Spain, we are now officially living in Spain.
We didn’t know it then, but when we moved to Bar Harbor, Maine eight months ago, we were getting closer to our next big move to Malaga, Spain. We sold our home in a California and hired a moving company (we shouldn’t have hired a moving company and should have sold or gifted everything there). We bought a brand new VW Atlas (AWD for the snow in Maine) and drove cross-country to Maine! It was quite the journey but nothing like that of moving to Spain. We had a few weeks to try to sell and just gave everything away and donated it all. We took only 8 suitcases and shipped 3 boxes (still waiting for one). We are learning the ropes of the culture here, the healthcare and the education system and it’s quite the process, it’s sooo different from the USA, soooo much red tape but hanging in there…. I have joined communities like Mexicans in Spain and Americans in Spain!
Follow our journey here on TikTok!
I share stories daily about our life abroad!

Have you made your dream about living abroad a reality yet??

#lamamilife #lamamijulie #americaninspain #lamamijuliespain #spain #americanlivinginspain #livinginspain #americanmovingtoeurope
NEW Trailer Alert!
Watch the new reailer “A MILLION MILES AWAY” i absolutely cant wait to watch this on
@Prime Video when it comes out: September 15!

Created by the acclaimed director Alejandra Márquez Abella, starring the talented Michael Peña alongside the extraordinary Rosa Salazar, the film follows the challenges and sacrifices José overcame on his journey to becoming the first migrant farm worker turned astronaut. From his struggles to learn English to his relentless determination in pursuit of his dream to travel to space after 11 rejections from NASA, José was a part of the Mission STS-128 crew, becoming an inspiring example of perseverance that many immigrants can relate to.
#amillionmilesaway #lamamilife #lamamijulie #latinomovies #primevideo
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