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Lakehouse Studios


Digital Media Group in MI 🔹Graphic design 🔹Web 📷Photo/video www.lhs-dmg.com



Are you a #smallbusiness or active avid #socialmedia enthusiast looking to grow your presence online? Then watch this video! Learn the basics on why to use social media to gain traction, build your foundation, and elevate your brand. #videoblog #vlog #graphicdesign
What is an #SSL certificate? Why is an SSL necessary for your #website ? What do an SSL do? In this video, I will show you the importance of an SSL certificate and it’s function for your website. #videoblog #vlog #smallbusiness #graphicdesign
What makes a good #website from a bad site? Not sure? In this video, I discuss rules and 101 basics to building a website and tips you should keep in mind. #videoblog #vlog #smallbusiness #graphicdesign
Starting a #smallbusiness can be very intimidating but don’t be alarmed! It is much easier than you think it is. Watch this video and get an idea of what you need to get started, #buildyourbrand , and register your business. #videoblog #vlog #graphicdesign
What stresses does a #businessowner face? What challenges should I expect running my own #smallbusiness ? What should I do with personal/home struggles affecting my work environment? These are some of the questions I will answer in today’s video. Using personal examples, I will show you what common obstacles to expect and what I had to do to keep my #mentalhealth and #physicalwellbeing . #videoblog #vlog #graphicdesign
What is your favorite lens? What are the pros and cons for some of the most popular #photography equipment? In this video, I do a breakdown of the pros and cons and rate my favorite #cameralenses that I work with on a day to day basis. #videoblog #vlog #smallbusiness #graphicdesign
Want to learn more about our #purrfect mascot at Lakehouse? Then check out this video where we explore more about the origin of Sabrey, the Lakehouse #cat and the #caturday /social media icon. #catsoftiktok #videoblog #vlog #smallbusiness #graphicdesign
Have you ever wondered what drives a #website to appear on top search engine sites, such as #google ? Look no further than #SEO (Search Engine Optimization or keywords)! In this video, I discuss the importance of SEO and why every website should have keywords. #videoblog #vlog #smallbusiness #graphicdesign
As a #smallbusinessowner , how do you deal with the struggles of everyday life? More importantly how do you deal with multiple overwhelming obstacles that affect your all aspects of your well-being? In this video, I discuss the importance of mental, emotional, and physical wellness and what I had to do in order to survive the lowest point of my life. From early 2020 until early 2022, I had to deal with a global pandemic, business being cut in half, my father dying of terminal brain cancer (GBM), 6 other deaths (including my best friend), dealing with selfish individuals that made life more uncomfortable than I already was, and battling an abusive malicious "ugly" woman who purposely terrorized (and still terrorizes til this day) my life (and several others) to get what she wanted. I was completely lost and broken. Though very difficult and draining, I survive and came out stronger than ever before. If I could do it, then so can you! #videoblog #vlog #graphicdesign
Are you a new, or well established, business looking to make some new #customers ? In this video, I discuss 4 basic tips on how to generate more business and reach new potential customers. #videoblog #vlog #smallbusiness #graphicdesign
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