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Lake Country Aesthetics


http://linktr.ee/LCAllc ☝We love helping patients live their best lives!🥰



Cyle is one of the most resilient 🛡 women we know. Women are built tough from the start, but some have an extra layer of armor, and Cyle is definitely one of them. She never quits. That's what I admire about her. She's a fighter - she always gets back up and presses forward.

I'm grateful for her review and most grateful for her trust.

Cyle talks about her journey with hormones. I want to emphasize the incredible impact both natural life change and sustained stress have on our hormones. People who endure sustained physical or emotional stress are forced to lose control of their wellbeing. Hormones are more powerful than we can begin to fathom. They're intricately connected, and when the cellular communication is interrupted, even once, it can trigger a cascade of awful inflammatory consequences that set us up for endless disease and early mortality.

You eventually know when your hormones aren't harmonic - you can feel it. It's a deep, overwhelming sense that can't be identified with standard medical testing. Having your hormones checked and addressed is literally your ticket to saving your own life. Cyle is strong and delivers an honest message of hope while she begins to recover from years of hormone dysregulation, which is pretty remarkable. The body can truly be restored and function as intended. It's an amazing end to chronic misery and the beginning of a new life, often your best life. 💯

Have you had your hormones tested? If so, what happened?


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