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Lady Death Doula


Canadian End of Life Caregiver, Death Doula, grief literate, death positive



I read the 2022 interview with my Spider-Man, actor Andrew Garfield, was a beautifully honest conversation around death & #grief and it is something that is making me ruminate while on vacation with my family. “It’s the same experience I went through with Mum. I was in a reality where she was always going to be alive, and now I’m in a true reality, where it’s like, Oh, no. She was never always going to be alive. And none of us are always going to be. I think I’m drawn to that.” #deathdoula
Hi @Megs ! Thanks for sharing with us and much love tonyiu and your Dad 💙 #deathdoula #celebrationoflife #grief #deathpositivity
Replying to @Jen Oween death cafe’s are totally rad! Maybe there’s one near you?! Deathcafe.com to find out more! #deathdoula #deathcafe
Gah wish me luck! First time gathering in meatspace about #deathdoula work and I have a small RSVP list of curious minds coming today. I’ll introduce the ideas behind being a Death Doula and then we will slide into an open discussion around #deathanddying in a #deathcafe !
Ok this sounds interesting: NOKBOX going to have to check it out! I love finding #endoflife resources that help us plan for the inevitable so we can live now and have more room to grieve when the time comes! hey @The Nokbox you sound cool! #deathdoula #endoflifeplanning #deathpositive
Replying to @user3633899513195 good point! Make sure your beneficiaries in those banking and insurance documents line up so there isn’t room for argument when you’re gone!
Replying to @Heathnyce let me do some digging - until then check out this fantastic resource for Americans: The Beginners Guide to the End by BJ Miller & Shoshana Berger
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