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LA Controller Kenneth Mejia


Los Angeles City Controller Kenneth Mejia




🏘️ How effective are permanent housing efforts?

We’re starting an assessment of the efforts of Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) & other service providers to place unhoused Angelenos in permanent housing.

We’ll also evaluate:
📝How the City & its partners oversee interim housing programs to make decisions to support permanent housing efforts.
We’ll be working hard to complete this review, but it will take time.

Answers we seek:
❓ Which interim housing pathways help people transition & stay in permanent housing most often?
❓ What are the primary pathways to permanent housing?
❓ Are people who have been able to get housing vouchers actually able to move into housing?
❓ What’s the data on limited time subsidy programs like Rapid Re-housing & Recovery Re-housing?
❓ What are the barriers to transitioning people into permanent housing?
❓ What are the City costs of each type of pathway?
❓ What are the obstacles to improvement?

We want to understand what it takes to get unhoused community members housed PERMANENTLY.

The goal is not only to identify shortcomings, but to identify feasible recommendations that can significantly improve long-term results.

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It’s #PiDay ! Here’s a pie chart of how the City of LA budgeted this year’s $6.2 BILLION in Unrestricted Revenues.

("Unrestricted revenues" are City funds that can can be spent for any purpose.)

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Happy #WomensHistoryMonth ! Women have long fought hard against institutional & interpersonal sexism to gain equality.

Equality for women is vital in order to have a better society for everyone.

Let’s look at some numbers on how far we still have to go to achieve this.

Although California ranks 8th in the nation in wage equality, as of 2016, women here still only made $0.90 for every $1 that men earn.

The gender & racial pay gap exists in the City Of LA’s govt workforce too.

Compared to the average salary in FY2020:
- Black women’s salaries: -25%
- White men’s salaries: +21%

⬆️ Gap: 46%

Only 2 of the top 100 highest paid City employees were women

In January, a new law, the ​​California Pay Transparency for Pay Equity Act, took effect in our state, requiring wage transparency.

It’s a step towards closing the pay gap.


Women also face price discrimination, AKA the Pink Tax.

A study in 1994 found that women pay appx $1,351/year more than men for the same products.

Clothes, hygiene products, toys & more cost more when they’re marketed to women/girls vs men/boys www.nyc.gov/assets/dca/downloads/pdf/partners/Study-of-Gender-Pricing-in-NYC.pdf

Proportion of time spent doing unpaid domestic labor in the U.S.:
Women: 15.3%
Men: 9.7%


It’s too plausible that a woman could unfairly lose out on $100K’s in earnings & be excessively charged $100K+ in her lifetime due to the gender pay gap & Pink Tax, leading to less access to education, healthcare, & more - taking a toll at both the individual & community level.

This #WomensHistoryMonth , let’s not only celebrate the achievements of women in history & in our lives, let’s also commit to continuing to work for equality for everyone who identifies as a woman or girl.

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NEW Analysis: Our office created a map & analysis of 2022 Unhoused Deaths in the City of LA using LA County Coroner data.


The recent winter storms showed the dangers unhoused people face. The suffering & death on our streets is unacceptable.


Mode of Death:

-Accidental: 484  

-Natural: 156

-Homicide: 82

-Suicide: 26

-Unknown: 3

Available coroner data for mode of death is for 751 of the approximate 1,167 total deaths. Mode of death can take a while to investigate & conclusions are preliminary.


Note - "Mode" vs "Cause":

Mode of death is the way in which cause contributed to death.

Cause of death is the specific factor (injury, disease, etc.) that led to mode of death. 

Mode of death is more established data; the map includes mode but not cause

Places of Death:

- 71.8%: Streets or areas without proper utilities, such as sidewalks, tents, parking lots, parks, RVs, abandoned buildings

- 18.6: Hospitals

- 9.6%: Other places with shelter & utilities, such as hotels, residences, businesses, shelters, transitional housing

According to available coroner data, 82 unhoused neighbors were murdered - that’s over 20% of the City’s total murders in 2022, even though unhoused people are only about 1% of the population.

The data shows the ravages of inequality. 

30% of unhoused deaths were of Black people. Only 8.6% of the City’s general population is Black

We made this map to bring visibility to the approximately 1,167 unhoused deaths in 2022 in the City of LA that otherwise happen quietly with little attention.

The map can be viewed by race & Council District. Data shows location, race, age, sex, and mode.


#LAControllerMejia #LosAngeles #ControllerMejia
📣 Announcement: Auditing LAPD helicopters 📣

What is the effectiveness of LAPD helicopter operations?

We’re starting an audit on this topic this month.

Our plan is to release the report in late summer.

Answers we’re seeking include: 
- Is LAPD complying with its deployment policies?
- Does LAPD’s use of helicopters align with available policing best practices?
- Overall & detailed costs of the LAPD helicopter program
- Are helicopters effective in reducing crime?

We’re also seeking to find out:
- What steps does LAPD take to reduce negative quality of life & environmental impacts caused by helicopters?  
- How does the department manage complaints related to helicopters?

The LAPD Air Support Division has 17 helicopters and 1 fixed wing aircraft.  

LAPD’s budget does not specifically isolate funding for the Air Support Division. 

Media reports indicate that, based on LAPD data, the annual budget of operating the fleet is approximately $30 million. 

What warrants this audit?
- Many question the efficiency of police helicopter programs & assert they create over-policing risks, & create noise & environmental problems.
- Today’s economic conditions may burden LA’s finances. City resources MUST be used effectively 

We will be examining the LAPD Air Support Division’s cost, performance, & impact.

The objective is to evaluate size, role, effectiveness, & operational efficiency. 

We will post more updates as the audit is being completed.
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📣 ANNOUNCEMENT: Reviewing City Data on Homelessness & Interim Housing 📣

What challenges do LAHSA & the City face in getting & providing data on interim housing (temporary housing)? 

We’re starting a review into this topic this month.

Our plan is to release the report this summer.

We’re also working towards broader goals:

📈We’re collaborating with others to create a centralized dashboard of up-to-date homelessness data.

🏘️And we're assessing what it takes to get unhoused community members housed permanently

❓Answers we seek include:

- How complete are shelter bed locations & #’s?

- For those helping unsheltered people find placements, what info do they lack?

- What issues hinder collecting & sharing better data?

- What’s needed to make up-to-date interim housing data possible?

💡Currently, the City is in the dark about a lot of homelessness-related information.

The City had no comprehensive system in place to track homelessness spending before we took office two months ago. 

The data that does exist is scattered across different organizations with no throughline. 

📊We’re working on centralizing homelessness data.

And monitoring homelessness spending in real-time. 

All in a public, accessible database.

A single dashboard with standardized metrics that every agency can work from is called for by the homelessness emergency.

🏡We’re also working to identify & boost efforts on permanent housing:

We’ll be announcing an assessment of efforts to achieve our community’s ultimate goal of getting people into permanent housing soon.

🤝 We’ll use our findings & resources to further help & support LAHSA’s management, the Inside Safe initiative, & homeless service providers succeed in all efforts to provide housing for Angelenos in need. 

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