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Kimberly Kuniko


Nikkei artist creating illustrated paper goods, collage, & creative retreats 🌿



I’m slowing down with some creative rest, working on a found words poem to accompany a collage I made some weeks ago as a response to our Earth Day prompt over in my Creativity Club on Patreon. All month-long, we’ve been exploring a theme of ‘repurposeful’, working with repurposed materials and revisiting old projects to reimagine or give them new life. You’re most welcome to join us anytime for access to all previous prompts: lacelit.com/creativity-club. 🤍 #collagelife #collageart #collagepoem #foundwords #foundwordspoetry #inthestudio #papercollageartist #collageartistsoftiktok #collagetok created by Kimberly Kuniko with N.K.'s Piano instrument [Loop available](976507)
In advance of our Lyered Stories: Gudied Creatice Retreat on Saturday, @miramusank ’s set up an empty practice gallery for us to get acclimated and practice moving around in a virtual reality space! If you’re already signed up, check your inbox for access. 📬 There’s still time to sign up and join us Saturday: lacelit.com/workshops.
SNEAK PREVIEW of the Layered Stories virtual reality art gallery! Saturday, April 15, @miramusank and I are hosting a special Guided Creative Retreat online for creatives of all mediums. It‘s going to be so beautiful 🥹 and incredibly cool 🤩, and you’re invited! Enjoy sneak peek into the entrance and one portion of the art gallery.

This retreat is where art gallery tour meets creative workshop, and we can’t wait to share it with you! We’ll be your guides through the VR gallery as we pause to explore creative prompts through a theme of Layered Stories, working in any medium you wish. Amidst a collection of 3D textiles and paper collages, we’ll pull inspiration from our surroundings to explore a layering together of disparate things to tell a story or to express an idea. From materials, colors, textures, words, sounds, memories, and our own imaginations, we’ll explore ways of weaving them together in layered storytelling.

⏰ Early-bird registration ends Friday, so pop over to lacelit.com/workshops (link in bio) to sign up and join us!

📱Pop over to IG for our IG Live Replay introducing our collab + share a bit about the theme and what the VR experience will be like! 🙋🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️

🎥 ID: Sneak peek of the virtual reality art gallery from the point of view of walking through in through the entrance to a central gallery space and lily pad pond, then turning left into a Gathered Clothes sculpture garden exhibit.

. . .
#virtualgallery #makersgonnamake #textilearts #textileartist #collageartist #textileupcycling #contemporarycollage #moderncollage #memade #aapiartists #virtualartexhibition #virtualexhibition #virtualartgallery #creativemaker #sewcialists #creativeworkshops
Hello friends! Join @miramusank and me tomorrow on IG Live as we introduce a collaboration we’ve been working on called Layered Stories, a guided creative retreat for all mediums that will take place live, online in a virtual reality art gallery on April 15. Join us tomorrow on IG as we share about our collab, give a sneak peek into what the VR gallery space will be like, and answer any questions. Hope to see you there!

💛 P.S. Early-bird registration for the retreat is open. Find all the details at lacelit.com/workshops.
Day 19 of #februllage2023 : ‘tied’, landed on the #dayofremembrance and the 81st anniversary of Executive Order 9066, which incarcerated and displaced over 120,000 people of Japanese descent, including my family. // By 1942, my grandpa was 18 and had been admitted to UCLA to study engineering, but he never got to go because he received a letter informing him that was no longer a student there. He fled CA with his dad and 6 of his siblings to a small sugar beet farm in NE. It was many years later before they were able to return to CA to try and rebuild their lives, reuniting with his oldest sister who had been incarcerated with her family at Manzanar. // This collage is an exploration of generational trauma and how what happened to loved ones are knots tied in me. How I see it weave through our family narrative… But, I’m moved by the strength of my beautiful Japanese American community and family living with these knots and trying to heal. // This is my Yamamoto mon and my Urata mon- my family crests. // I know it’s okay to both grieve resilience and celebrate it. And this collage is an ode to them. 🤍
#eo9066 #neveragainisnow #executiveorder9066 #neverforget #nikkei #japaneseamericans #minimalcollage #abstractmag #kolaj #contemporarycollage
Day 17 of #februllage2023 is ‘weep’, and I took inspiration from the fantasy novel “Strange the Dreamer” by @lainitaylorauthor , the imagery of moths, the city of Weep in the book, and the idea of escaping into dreams as a safe place to encounter wonder and a sense of relief. 💦

For the shadows within rose / whisper-soft and had to climb to the Land of Never-Gray / an environment for life, Life in the Clouds / tears wept with a kind of light, lighting up the dark edges / I will sleep a little / safe on the landscape of wonder

#foundwords #collagepoetry #contemporarycollage #kolaj #minimalcollage #abstractmag #papercollageart #mothart #motharttiktok #absurdullage
#strangethedreamer #museofnightmares
Day 15 of #februllage2023 is ‘boat’, and sometimes pieces and words seem to float to the surface, catching my eye, and stirring something true.

remembering not to hide the
pain and sorrow
the story goes still further,
in the next chapter

#februllage #papercollageart #poetry_words #poetrytok #collage #papercollageartist #mixedmediaartist #kolaj #foundwords #mixedmediaart #artjournalingpages #origamiart
Day 14 of #februllage2023 is ‘life’, and once I started, this kind of all just spilled out onto the page with pieces of cut paper and colored pencil drawing and a found words poem:

I looked inside,
and hope was
able to grow in
the space between
wilting and falling apart

My anxiety and depression often flare during weeks with a lot of moving parts that lie outside my control. So, I’m trying to wriggle my toes and root my feet in place beneath the silt and sediment, and bend by knees to flow with the current as it comes. There’s so much outside of us that we can’t predict or know, but we can decide how we respond, and move to meet them when they come into focus. Today I’m practicing the holding of hope and uncertainty in tension, letting them both exist at the same time. 🌿

#februllage #papercollageartist #papercollage #papercollageart #mixedmediacollageart #mixedmediaartist #kolaj #foundwords #poetry_words #artjournalingpages
Day 7 of #februllage2023 has my heart. It’s one of those pieces where you sit down to make, and something entirely unexpected pours out. Only once the disparate pieces find their place and are pasted down do you realize how they feel liked they’ve been there all along- a whispered prover, a kindly note to remember. 🤍

#contemporarycollage #minimalcollage #collageartist #collageart #artjournalingpages #foundwords #papercollage #papercollageartist
Day 6 of #februllage2023 is ‘Cactus’. Couldn’t help repurposing my Castle Prickly Pear illo from Lacelitober last year and turning it into a digital collage mixed with photographed paper pieces + digital textures I drew in Procreate.

The shadow turned up when I accidentally filled a duplicate cactus layer with a grass pattern, and it sparked the idea of changing its opacity to add the feeling of long shadows in the sand. I love the surprises that pop up along the way.

#digitalcollageart #digitalcollageartist #digitalcollage #mixedmediaart #mixedmediaartist #cactusart #cactuslovers #cactuslove
Today’s #februllage2023 prompt is ‘Cloth’. An exploration of layers and weaving together disparate source materials into one paper textile. The materials all came from matte-print catalogs, and many from photographs of linens and knits (though I couldn’t resist adding some wood and trees 😉). 🧶🌳 #papercollageartist #papercollageart #collagelife #collagechallenge #collagetime #collageart
Art journaling mixed-media collage for Day 4 of #februllage2023 : bridge. The imagery of layered archways of stone floated up in my mind, reminding me of my thoughtful friend @@lionheartcanyonstudio and her love of the desert’s rock and stone. Layers of lime and silt and sand. 🤍
#papercollageartist #papercollageart #mixedmediaart #mixedmediaartist #artjournalpage #artjournaling #foundwords #foundpoetry
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