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KR Paul


Author of the Pantheon series, lapsed ultramarathon runner, super secret day job

#stitch with @Shannan “Do you remeber the 21st night of September?” Nope. Took a meltonin and had a glass of wine. Slept really soundly tho!
(I did not really wash down sleep neds with alcohol, dont try that at home)
#september #21stnightofseptember
#stitch with @Vasofsky Designs
Sorry, but my mind has been poisoned by a certain side of TikTok. I was deadass looking for hardpoints 🤣
Replying to @Aaron Phillips got dang, the PETA video was funny in its own ways hut yall did not come to play with the jokes and puns!
Laughter is the best medicine and im happy to say my surgical recovery is going much better today!
#greenscreen Dear PETA, you have unlocked a new kink for so many people.
Help! I got “married” at DragonCon!
We helped aomeone complete a quest to “marry” two enemies. I was
#ursula and he was #kingtriton and we agreed to let you “marry” us for a quest. Super cute but i forgot to ask you name or your social media to see the video later
Fun fact: were dating and would love the vidoe if anyone can find it or knows who took it!
Please share and see if we can find out “wedding” video
#dragoncon #dragoncon2023 #cosplay #cosplayer #conquest #conquesting #dragonconquest #findthatvideo
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