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Do this and you’ll stop questioning what your branding is saying about you:

1) get to know the kind of headspace your best fit customer is in when they could use your help


2) identify the unique strengths and solutions you’re naturally bringing to meet them there


3) Choose the colors, language, and aesthetic style that combines the first two steps— A brand presence that sets you apart with your best qualities, WHILE emotionally connecting with what your people need from the exchange.

Your brand has the power to shape people’s feelings and perceptions about your business before you even get a word in.

If you’re not yet ready to hire a Brand Strategist & Designer 1-on-1, this is exactly what my DIY brand-building course will help you do :)

Comment ‘DIY’ for a link to get invited to be a founding student of this course!
I disqualified myself from entrepreneurship at 17 years old.

I remember the exact moment. My high school invited a professional designer to come speak to interested students about how to set yourself up for success out in the real world.

I was discouraged when I heard them say, “You need to be willing to put yourself out there and get good at pitching your ideas.”

The talk was meant to be motivating, but at the time, my brain was just not wired to receive it that way. I had SEVERE social anxiety. I found safety in staying small. I was more comfortable being a follower, not a leader.

“I’m just not cut out for that. I’m not outgoing or bold enough,” I thought.

Those false beliefs defined me for almost 10 years… until I realized I had the power to change them.

Fast forward until now, social anxiety still shows up when I’m talking on camera, public speaking, and socializing with new people.

I’m probably one of the LEAST charismatic people I know, tbh. 😆 But I refuse to let that prevent me from building a personal brand.

Here’s how I override it:

💎 I remind myself that I ENJOY talking about branding and fully believe it can help people.

💎 I slowly train myself to BECOME the encourager that my 17-year-old self needed.

💎 I choose to DO THE HARD THING. Exposure therapy genuinely helps me overcome the thing I’m afraid of.

And honestly, it’s paying off :) the more I show up for my brand, the more safe I feel to continue doing it.

Your brand needs YOU! Don’t let false beliefs about yourself get in the way of that!

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