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✨Let’s Heal, Build and Thrive TOGETHER✨ Get Loved Up https://linktr.ee/koyawebb



Acro Yoga Challenge✨ Tag someone you would trust to hold you.✨

This is an extremely advanced acro yoga pose that I haven’t done in a long time. @majesticd23 and I practiced at least 4 to 5 times before we nailed this one.🥰

See my stories for the bloopers and beginner acro youtube videos. I’m relaunching my IN PERSON Acro Yoga playshops April 22nd 2023 in Atlanta so mark your calendar and DM me the word “Acro” if you’d like to be put on waitlist for Atlanta or “ACRO ONLINE” if you’d like to get certified to teach or practice together online.✨

AcroYoga is a combination of yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage that is performed in with others. The benefits of practicing AcroYoga are numerous, including:

💪🏾Strength and conditioning: AcroYoga is a physically demanding practice that requires strength, balance, and flexibility. Regular practice can help build muscular strength, endurance, and overall fitness.

🧘🏾‍♀️ Improved balance and coordination: Practicing AcroYoga helps improve balance and coordination, as well as body awareness.

🤸🏾‍♀️Increased flexibility: AcroYoga involves many stretching and bending movements, which can help increase flexibility and range of motion.
Enhanced trust and communication: AcroYoga is a partner practice that requires trust, communication, and collaboration. Practicing AcroYoga can help build trust and deepen communication skills with others.

💆🏾‍♀️ Stress relief: Like other forms of yoga, AcroYoga can be a great way to relieve stress and promote relaxation. The physical activity and focus required during practice can help clear the mind and reduce anxiety.

👭🏾Connection with others: AcroYoga is a social practice that often involves working with partners or groups. Practicing AcroYoga can help build a sense of community and connection with others.

🎉Fun and creativity: AcroYoga is a playful and creative practice that encourages exploration and experimentation. Practicing AcroYoga can be a fun and enjoyable way to stay active and engage with others.

wearing @aloyoga
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Vegan Eats in Carefree, AZ✨I’ve been to Terras at @civanaresort 3 times and this last time was the ABSOLUTE best! Congratulations to the chef, staff and team because I really respect when there is intentionally behind making healthy food taste good. In the past the food was healthy and I sincerely appreciate that but now the food is HEALTHY and DELICIOUS and for an 18 year vegan foodie TASTE MATTERS and I love to be able to eat my way through a menu and find 5-6 things that make my heart smile so THANK YOU!💗🙏🏾🥰

Breakfast Faves:

BANANA & ALMOND BUTTER TOAST (creamy almond butter, banana, hemp seed almond crumb on noble bakery sourdough) 10/10

PITAYA SMOOTHIE BOWL (dragon fruit, mango, blueberry, banana smoothie topped with bee pollen, sliced fruit, toasted coconut) 10/10

AVOCADO TOAST (avocado smash, radish sprouts, spiced sunflower, hemp seed) 9/10

Lunch Faves:

VEGGIE BURGER sweet potato, mushroom, quinoa, garbanzo & bean patty, chipotle aioli, avocado, radish sprouts. Ask for vegan bread, no cheese and the chia hot sauce if you like it sassy) 10/10

TOFU WRAP (herbed tofu salad, marinated garbanzo beans, cabbage slaw, green tahini in a whole wheat tortilla) 10/10

JACKFRUIT CARNITAS (cabbage slaw, guacamole, aji amarillo crema, salsa verde) ask is the chia hot sauce if u like the sass💃🏾

Dinner Faves:

CURRIED CAULIFLOWER SOUP (pumpkin seed dukkah, annatto oil) 10/10 I could give this an 11. I added mushrooms and ate it at least 3 to 4 times… and I’m not really a soup person😋

SOBA NOODLE CHILLED SALAD (edamame, shitake mushroom, cabbage, snap peas, avocado,
fiesta pepper, sesame ginger vinaigrette, cilantro, basil (So much better warmed up) 10/10)

ZUCCHINI ENCHILADAS (roasted corn, black bean, vegan cream cheese, cilantro crema, aji amarillo sauce) 10/10


HERB ROASTED MUSHROOMS 9/10 (great in soup or with other dishes)

Drink Faves:

Hibiscus Sangria with chili lime, salt rim 😋 10/10

The Night Cap (cbd infused warm drink🤤) 10/10


SEASONAL SORBET TRIO 10/10 (had this 3-4 times because it was the only vegan dessert they had so I’m gonna put in a request for an apple pie…or peach cobbler a la mode🙏🏾
#veganfood #plantbaseddieit #veganlife
I’ve cried three times already watching this reel✨ I’ve given up on love more than once in my lifetime, but as much as I love being single…being in a romantic relationship is my favorite. Sharing life experiences and having a safe place to be my authentic self is priceless.✨

With all the things that make me unique and different it was hard for me to believe that I could find someone to share my life with.✨

I had to heal my father wound and change my limiting beliefs around being a vegan, tall, successful and empathetic woman. I’m not saying I’m fully healed but I’ve come a long way and continue to face my fears when it comes to life partnership and marriage.✨

I just want to say thank you to some of the resources right here on IG that have helped keep me inspired until I found him.✨

💗 @lisa2motivate One of my favorite mentors who found her soul mate later in life was my IG vision board as I watched her marry the love of her life.

💗 @blacklove The stories they shared in their documentary helped me realize that love is work no matter who you chose so chose someone who’s worth working for.

💗 @glograhics my sister from a different mister who has been a safe space to share all my stories and fears with. She has an incredible dating guide out now if you’re you’re looking.

Overall, I just feel an incredible since of gratitude for the love I’m experiencing and I’m 100 down to ride the waves no matter how rough.🥰🥰🥰
#lifecoach #lifecoaching #wellnessjourney #relationships
Meeting and studying with my Spiritual Mother @queenafua amplified all of the healing work I’ve ever done, gave me clarity on how I should move forward in life and affirmed my value as a woman.✨

My human design is one of an evangelist and servant leader and I’ve known this for a long time but I wasn’t clear on how to really tune into my gifts and amplify them because I didn’t have many examples around me. Queen taught me that all my answers are within and how to tap into Source at any time✨

Impeccable Listening is an amplified awareness of who you truly are as a spiritual being and it teaches you how to listen to your Soul as you navigate your human experiences.✨

I was divinely guided to produce the Impeccable Listening Course and Lifestyle with Queen so YOU can join us on this journey of being divinely guided by source and living in your FULLEST expression.✨

It doesn’t happen over night and it’s not about being perfect. But you will start to feel more connected to your truth as you peel off layers of false identities you’ve accumulated over the years and step into the clarity of why you are here. You will learn how to avoid and release traps in your life as your step into your DIVINE PURPOSE✨

Click the link in my bio to sign up for the Impeccable Listening Course and join us LIVE this Thursday via zoom to gain clarity on your life within sacred community✨

See you there!!💗🙏🏾💗

Koya xo
#wellnessjourney #queenafua #selflove #healingjourney #wellnesscoaching #wellnesscourse
For #internationalwomensday I put together a clip of some of the incredible women that have been pouring into my life.✨

This is definitely not all of them and I feel like every woman I’ve encountered whether we became friends, enemies or nothing at all has been a teacher in my life and for that I am grateful.✨

As women we are complex multi-dimensional beings who have been suppressed and abused for decades and we are now learning to heal, unite and thrive together.✨

For every woman who has poured into my life THANK YOU💗🙏🏾💗

For everyone women I’ve harmed or who has harmed me. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I forgive you. Thank you. I love you. (Inspired by Ho’oponopono Prayer)

I call the collective of women I hold close the #sacredsisterhood and I hope this inspires you to create a sisterhood of your own. Heal together, Build together, THRIVE together.💞

#lifestyledesign #getlovedup #sisterhood
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