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KJ Essentials for Baby


The brightest & best products for baby, toddler and new parents.

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Available at kjessentials.com.au
Breastfeeding Mamas, time to give your sore, damaged nipples the superstar treatment they deserve. Introducing Lactivate Silver Nursing Cups - your natural remedy for nipple TLC! ✨

Get ready to be dazzled by these magical cups, crafted with love from 925 sterling silver and completely nickel-free. We’re talking next-level nipple care, ladies! Say goodbye to boring old nipple creams and hello to the luxurious world of silver nursing cups.

These cups are like little superheroes for your sensitive nipples. They create an antimicrobial fortress when they touch your skin, promoting natural healing like no other. It’s like a spa day for your nips, courtesy of Mother Nature herself!

Not only do these cups work their magic, but their unique shape allows for maximum airflow around your nipples. It’s like giving your girls a breath of fresh air while they heal. And guess what? Your own liquid gold, aka breastmilk, joins the party to accelerate the healing process. Talk about a powerful duo!

But wait, there’s more! These silver beauties also shield your nipples from the discomfort caused by rubbing materials. No more ouchies, no more worries. It’s time to embrace the comfort and bid farewell to nipple pain!

Rest easy knowing that Lactivate Silver Nursing Cups are registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Register under Article Number 404633. Your safety is our top priority, ladies!

Remember, if those persistent symptoms keep hanging around like unwanted party crashers, don’t hesitate to seek advice from your doctor or other amazing healthcare professionals. We’re here to support you on your breastfeeding journey, every step of the way.

Choose the power of silver, choose the natural healing vibes, choose Lactivate Silver Nursing Cups. It’s time to let your nipples shine like the superstars they truly are!


Order now and let the silver magic begin. Sparkle on, mama! ✨💖
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✨ Our long-awaited shipment of OXO Tot Space-Saving Drying Racks is finally here, ready to rescue you from the tyranny of wet countertops and toppled bottles!

📦 I'm practically doing cartwheels as I pack your orders today, because I know firsthand the struggle of drying those never-ending baby bottles and accessories. 🔄😵 But fear not for this incredible drying rack is about to change your life! 🌈

🚀 Say buhbye to playing hide-and-seek with bottle parts. This game-changing Drying Rack is your secret weapon against the chaos. With its ingenious design, it maximizes your bench space while keeping all your baby essentials perfectly in place. It's like a magical organizer that sprinkles sanity all over your kitchen! 🧙‍♀️✨

🎯 But wait, there's more! This superhero rack doesn't just dry bottles; it's a true multitasker! Picture this: pacifiers, sippy cups, breast pump parts, teething toys, and even those tiny little socks, all basking in the gentle breeze of air drying perfection. It's like a tiny drying carnival, where everything gets its well-deserved ticket to dryness! 🎪🌬️

💥 Hold on tight, though, because these racks are flying off the shelves like hotcakes at a pancake festival! 🥞🏃‍♀️ So don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers like a slippery nappy! 🙅‍♀️

💌 To our amazing customers who have shown endless patience, we sincerely thank you for your loyalty. Your orders will be packed with the love and care of a super-powered drying team, ready to conquer the wetness and bring joy to your kitchen once and for all! ❤️💦

⚠️ Remember, folks, the OXO Tot Space-Saving Drying Rack is not just a product; it's a superhero sidekick in your battle against wet countertops and bottle confusion. Don't miss out on this drying revolution – it's time to reclaim your kitchen! 🙌✨


#OXOTot #SpaceSavingDryingRack #SuperheroOfDrying #BanishTheWetness
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