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Kim Zoller


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Do we give to people based on what they like, or what we like?

Do you communicate in the way that you like to be communicated with, or are you consciously thinking about how to communicate with that person to best get across to them?

Think about who you are interacting with and how you can be generous for THEM. Communication is not about what you say, it's about how you are HEARD. How can you intentionally adapt your communication with the other person today - and not jump straight into what's natural for you?

For example, if I know the person I'm communicating with likes to have all the details, but that's not how I naturally communicate - I'll make the conscious effort to give more details that I might not orginally give, and ask if they have questions or need more clarification.

You will find that when you adapt to different communication styles, you'll reach your outcome in a more effective way.

#communication #effectivecommunication #communicationandinterpersonalskills #communicationandrelationships #generosity #consciouseffort #beseenandheard #connect
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