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Man…there simply aren’t enough words to explain the depth of love I have for this guy. Just typing this makes me cry!

My big bro has ALWAYS been there for me. My #1
#1 upporter, champion of my successes, encourager through disappointments, my kindred spirit! Although growing up he used me as his test dummy for experiments but that’s what big brothers do, right? No matter where I am in the world he shows up for me.

Today is a momentous day as it marks your 50th journey around the sun. Wow! You should know how truly special you are, not just to me but to many. You are an incredible brother, son, friend and uncle.

Your selfless compassion, light, loyalty and love has and continues to bless others in such a way God is about to pour out a blessing so great you won’t have room enough to receive. So get ready! Wishing you the happiest of happy birthdays. I pray every desire of your heart is manifested today and everyday. Let’s do another 50! Love you infinitely big bro ♥️💙💜
#bigbrother #siblings #bestfriend
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