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HEAR ME OUT: Yes, students have things to accomplish AND yes, their brains and bodies need breaks. They are people, too! If you need breaks, so do they!

✍🏼 Here’s a few ideas for transitional breaks to try implementing this week:

Between activities you could…

🧠 encourage everyone to stand up and stretch or “shake their sillies out.” You can even choose a student to be “coach” and lead the class through 3 stretches or movements of their choosing. 🧘🏼‍♀️
🧠 allow everyone to take a “rest stop” after working very hard on a task. This just means laying their head on their desk or finding a comfy spot on the floor and closing their eyes for a second. If you want, you can put on a 1-2 min timer OR a peaceful song and just let them “rest” until it’s over. 😴
🧠 pause and do deep breaths together. Either model a breath like a “belly breath,” use one of Kikori’s many breathing exercises in our app, OR allow students to make up their own creative breath technique (ie: “the alligator breath” where you open and close your arms like a mouth while you breathe in and out) 🐊
🧠 take a few minutes to come up with and repeat affirmations together. These help build students’ confidence and help motivate them to keep working hard! Search “affirmations” in our app for more about these!

Try using just ONE of these SHORT activities between your lessons this week and let us know how to it goes. Don’t forget, kids are people, too, and they need to feel connected and taken care of in order to learn. 🫶🏾✨

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