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Kiana Danial - Invest Diva


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INCREASE your income ➡️ INVEST your income 🟰 Generational WEALTH 💰 #wealth #wealthcreation #generationalwealth #recession #money #moneytok #investinyourself #moneytips #investdiva #timetothrive #quit9to5 #startupshowup #startyourownbusiness created by Kiana Danial - Invest Diva with Kiana Danial - Invest Diva’s original sound
I get it. Black Friday is here, and the temptation to snag that shiny new toy at a jaw-dropping discount is REAL. But before you fall into the "stuff trap," let's talk left-over turkey. 🦃

How many times have you bought something on Black Friday, only for it to collect dust in the corner of your living room or serve as a glorified clothes hanger? We've all been there! 🙈

This year, we've got a better idea for you. Instead of blowing your hard-earned cash on gadgets that'll soon become relics, why not invest in something that can truly change your financial future? 🚀

We're bringing back the Build More Wealth LIVE virtual event, where you'll get an exclusive backstage pass to the secrets of my 4-Pillar Wealth Diva Ecosystem™ that helped me go from making $9K a month to a life-changing $537K a month. I started doing this while I was on maternity leave as a busy mom, and I want to spill the beans on how I did it without the constant hustle.

I want to help you build your own Wealth Diva Ecosystem™ so you never have to wait for Black Friday to buy what you desire.

Imagine shopping without having to look at the price tag.

By grabbing your special Black Friday offer for your VIP Ticket, you're not just signing up for an event; you're starting your Wealth Diva/ Divo journey. 🌟

You'll learn how to...

✅ Increase your INCOME
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It's your golden ticket to building your very own Wealth Diva Ecosystem™. No more settling for mediocrity; it's time to aim for the stars and secure your financial future.

So what'll it be? Another toy that'll lose its sparkle, or a VIP ticket that could change your life forever? 🌠

Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in yourself and your future. Get your VIP ticket now, and let's start building your path to prosperity together. 🌆

grab your 30% OFF VIP ticket: 'Build More Wealth' LIVE event.

Link in bio.

#wealth #generationalwealth #momlife
When I first tell people that they should be investing, the first thing that they usually say to me is, “But Kiana, isn’t investing risky?!”

If you’ve ever heard stories about how somebody lost a bunch of money in the stock market, you’ll probably relate to this…

after I got screwed over by my money manager, I decided to go to the heart of global finance and learn how to do this on my own.

I started working at the NYSE on Wall Street.

I was so excited to dive into the markets and start making my money work for me…

Since I was only learning, but didn’t have much experience trading, I wasn’t really confident in my choices… But, what I did have going for me was that I was surrounded by all of the best traders and investors out there while I was reporting at the New York Stock Exchange...

Naturally, I began to watch and learn from the pros, deciding to make my investment choices based on their actions and the wisdom they shared with me.

So, what did I do next? I went all-in with my savings of $15,000, excited about the prospect of watching my account grow.

Well, as you might have guessed, that didn't turn out so well. I kept riding the waves of market sentiment and following the herd, and you can probably guess the outcome.

I lost the entire $15,000 in that account. Yes, you heard that right – every single penny of my savings vanished into thin air. I was beyond upset and filled with self-disappointment. How could I lose everything when I was simply following the lead of the traders who were making millions?

Here’s why: It was because I was investing based on the general hype of the market without creating a unique investment strategy that suited my willingness and ability to take a risk.

96% of investors lose money in the markets because they don’t create a strategy that matches their risk tolerance.

Don’t be a statistic.

Comment ‘Toolkit’ below to grab my risk management toolkit.

#riskmanagement #investing #stocks
Replying to @Anna Marie Monteverd my $4M portfolio continues to work for me. I aim not to cash out. Instead I borrow against my portfolio and then pay it back through my other income streams. This lowers my capital gains taxes and allows my portfolio to continue to grow. Hope this helps! #investing #investingforbeginners #taxes
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