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Kyle Daily


Custom knives that perform in the kitchen and outdoors! Blade Show Table 3BB



So excited for a new piece of equipment in the shop! A Burr King Vibraking 200! So excited for the options on this machine for bottle openers and other material. #KHDailyKnives #vibratorytumbler #stonetexturedfinish  created by Kyle Daily with The Home Depot's The Home Depot Beat
Keeping on this big order of #PocketBushcrafters out of #Magnacut for @KnifeCenter ! This steel is crazy wear resistant! The 36 grit Incinerator belts from Phoenix Abrasives have been the key to getting the steel off. Also my @Ryan Brodbeck grinder has been pretty awesome too! #KHDailyKnives #Magnacut #Grinding #NoRestForTheWicked
The other day I was asked to show how I blend the bevel into the handle. Here is my first attempt and editing for portrait mode was much more difficult than I thought. 😄
I grind away from the transition some then blend on my disk grinder. After that I use the 2” quick change disks on my
@Milwaukee Tool right angle die grinder (2485-20) to blend. Once it is blended nicely I use Gesswein Moldmaker Plus stones to get a lot of the scratches out. The stones I use are 1/8” thick by 1/2” wide. I get the all grit set but mainly use 320, 400, and 600 grit before hand sanding.
Hope it helps you guys! #KHDailyKnives #Knifemakertips #KnifeShopTips #LifeIsToShortToHaveADullKnife
#KnifemakerTips / #KnifeShopTips I use 2” diameter sanding disks for all sorts of things around the shop. They are a lifesaver for blending. Let me know if you guys use them too or how you blend the bevel in. #KHDailyKnives
Using my @Ryan Brodbeck grinder to do my Bubbles filework! Being able to put the grinder on uts side makes this so much easier! #KHDailyKnives #Filework #BubblesFilework #Knifemaking
Lots of #filework finished up last night! All of these will be #BladeShow2022 ! If you guys are going to be there, come see me at table 3BB! #KHDailyKnives
#maythe4thbewithyou ! A quick shop tip to keep your shop more organized. Small tackle boxes make organizing things so much easier and seeing when things need to be replaced. #KHDailyKnives #KnifemakerTips #KnifeShopTips
Congratulations @Fiery Ice Forge on the Forged In Fire Win! This little carbide pull through sharpener helps to make keeping your rasor blade sharp for cutting sand paper. #KnifemakerTips #KnifeShopTips #DiskSander #Rhynowet #DiskGrinder
Happy #stpatricksday ! Finished up a couple of the #Magnacut chef knives.
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