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We’ve been organizing for justice in Kentucky since 1981. Join our movement!

We’ll have a full election breakdown soon, but for now we’re holding space for all the emotions that come with vote tallies. Our members, friends, and allies have worked so hard, and with so much heart. We’re filled with gratitude. Rest up, y’all! #kentucky #2022election #kentuckypolitics #grassrootsorganizing #onward #yallidarity #fyp #fypシ  created by KFTC with Echosmith’s Cool Kids (our sped up version)
Get info on the U.S. midterm elections
Check out the amazing impact of #KFTC across the commonwealth this election! 🗳️ We worked hard to help create voting plans, give rides to the polls, educate voters with our voter guides, and more. We couldn't have done it without our dedicated members, volunteers, and staff – the numbers don't lie! 🌟
🔵 2,020 voters register.
🔵 11,052 doors knocked.
🔵 62,323 calls made.
🔵 146,641 texts sent.
🔵 37,030 voter guides distributed.

Love our work? Visit kftc.org/donate23 to become a member and support KFTC today!
Wanna support #KFTC and get cool merch?! Visit shop.kftc.org (link in bio) to grab yours today! From stickers, to shirts, to artwork, your purchase helps us continue our work throughout the Commonwealth.
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