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Kevin Parry


✨ Stop-Motion Animator + Video Wizard ✨ 📬 contact@kevinparry.tv



Bringing my #IntelEvo laptop to life with a little help from the iconic @intel Bunny Suit! #IntelAmbassador #StopMotion
A behind-the-scenes look at my @Bluey stop-motion. This took 4 days of animation - at 12 frames per second for 30 seconds that's about 360 totals frames, so about 90 frames per day.

Biggest challenge on this one was the large, rotating disc set! It took a few days of testing to figure out the exact rotation speed. I needed to make sure that once the disc was rotating, it would introduce all the set elements at exactly the right time 200-300 frames later.

A lot of the planning was taking blocking photos of all of the actions I wanted to happen, and then timing them out. So I have a version of the animation done first at roughly 6 frames per second. Once I had that all planned, I ran a few tests where I moved the disc at various speeds and imagined how Bluey would interact with the sets. Some felt too slow, others too fast. You kind of use your instincts to find the right speed.

You'll also notice there's a lot of rigging! That's the arm holding up Bluey when she jumps. As I animated, I filmed a secondary pass where I'd move her and the rigging out of the way. I then used that clean pass to erase all of the rigging in post-production.

Oh! And the 'grass' is artificial putting turf. I bought a long piece, cut it into three strips, and then glued it to the rotating platform.

Any other questions?? Ask in the comments.
Bringing @bluey to life in stop-motion to celebrate the release of Series 3! This was a really fun piece to animate - I wanted to create a fun foreground with Bluey and her family while simultaneously animating a background layer made up of supporting characters and elements from the show. All while rotating the gigantic disc of a set frame by frame! #Bluey
Teamed up with #HotWheels to create this stop-motion fingerboarding session made by taking 450 pictures over 5 days! Hot Wheels Skate now available #ad #dropintohotwheels
Recreating the @Netflix intro with $30 worth of yarn 🧶
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