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i’ve been a circuit training fitness junkie for YEARS - F45, Burn Bootcamp, CrossFit, you name it.

the main reason i focused on going to gyms like this was because i had EXTREME gym anxiety at normal gyms. like, crippling.

i didn’t know where to go, what to do, or how to structure an effective routine. i didn’t want to look stupid or lost and i worried that everyone would be watching me. the first time i went to the “normal” gym this year i cried on the stationary bike for 15 minutes and then left 😅

i decided i wanted to change my relationship to the gym, so i hired a coach (shoutout to
@Isabelle | Online Coach because i’ve learned that is the best way to save time and get to where you want to be.

i still have more work to do to get where i want to be, but i’m already so proud of the changes i see in my confidence and my ability to drop myself in the middle of a bunch of “gym bros” and not care.

if i can figure out how to make a movie and travel SE Asia alone for 2 months, i can definitely figure out how to navigate a normal gym.

a key part of developing confidence in yourself is continuing to try, even when it’s hard. it’s also about having a growth mindset and knowing that even if i don’t have it all figured out right now, i am capable of obtaining the tools to figure it out.

what areas in your life are you working to obtain more confidence in? ⬇️ if this post inspired you feel free to save + share, and if you need more help with self-love, check the mini-course at the top of my page :)

and also, please go stream “Broken Heart” by @Jessica Mar - available on all platforms!

#growthmindset #growth #confidence #confidentwomen #confidentwoman #confidenceboost #confidencetips #confidencecoach #confidenceiskey #confidenceinyou #confidentchallenge #adhd #gymgirly #gym #gymgirl #gymgirls #gymgirlsoftiktok
#duet with @ThePathofArtPodcast #passionforart sharing the interview I did recently with The Path of Art Podcast! Thanks for having me Ryan 🙏🏼 #mindset #growth #growthmindset #abundance #abundantmindset #abundant #abundantlife #moneymindsetcoach
i spent my teenage + young adult years feeling left out, replaced and so confused as to why my friendships didn’t stick. i’ve always been a great friend - why couldn’t i find frinds who were as loyal and loving as me?

this question and many friendships over the years walked me down the path of learning self-love, confidence, wholeness, and how those things relate to my relationships.

yes, i loved a lot, and yes i was a great friend. but what i didn’t realize is that i was approaching my friendships from an unhealed, co-dependent place. i sought validation from my friendships to fill me up, rather than fillng myself up first and approaching my friendships with wholeness.

does this sound familiar? 😅 Squad Goals teaches you everything you need to know about attracting and KEEPING the friends you’ve always dreamed of. in this course i give you the tools to know yourself better, so you can LOVE yourself better and treat your friends the same way.

we learn what attachment styles and love language are, we learn about co-dependency and how it affects our relationships, we practice good communication and conflict resolution skills, and sooo much more!! Maybe it’s time to let someone go? We talk about that too.

Learn more about Squad Goals at the top of my page and change your friendships + relationships forever 👯‍♀️💞✨

#friendships #friends #friendtips #friendshipgoals #friendshipgoal #friendshiptips #besties #bestfriend #squadgoals #bestiegoals #bestie #selflove #codependency #relationships
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