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Keith BlakemoreNoble


The Mindset Master, helps you conquer fears, phobias, habits, mindset blocks…

This week's #KBNSaturdayShoutout is delayed to Sunday because today is the 3rd birthday of the CRS Editorial, run by Craig Smith, who definitely deserves a shoutout. He's a cracking proof reader, a great editor, and a solid copywriter. He's the guy who proofed AntiManipulation for which I (and every reader) am very grateful! Well worth checking out, you can find more at https://CRSEditorial.co.uk (and yes, he's one of the great people I network with every week at 1Networking - gimme a yell if you fancy trying it out as my guest for free)
A #KBNSaturdayShoutout to my 1Networking team "Team 1Nnovate". As you can see ,we've got a cracking group with a lot of business categories represented. It's fun and friendly single-seat networking based on culture rather than rules, and it really works. Gimme a yell if you fancy coming along as my guest for free to try it out sometime?
Rachel Davis #RTSocial doesn't tell you what to post - she teaches you how to figure out what works!
That's why she gets a #KBNSaturdayShoutOut :)
Always delighted to be Gary Jones' guest, he runs a great podcast. Was back on his fabulous GROW Show again, this time we were talking about the book #AntiManipulation , exploring what it's all about and how we can defend against being manipulated into buying stuff we neither want nor need.

Check it out on GROW Radio, Apple, Spotify, YouTube, or directly at https://audioboom.com/posts/8259949-the-grow-show-with-keith-blakemore-noble?utm_source=tiktok
It's #PrideMonth so today's #KBNSaturdayShoutout goes to all members of the LGBTQAI+ community around the word who find themselves facing prejudice, oppression, and worse, simply for being themselves.

One day Pride won't be necessary. Sadly, we are still not there yet.

There's been a lot of progress for sure, but progress can just as quickly be over-turned, and there are still far too many countries where homosexuality is punishable by death.

One day...
🎉 Please join me in celebrating the 100th episode of #KBNRS aka "The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show" with soecial guest @growmarketingandmedia ’s Gary Jones!

Together we dive into the world of podcasting and storytelling, from bare bones equipment to consistent planning.

Listen in for exclusive insights and tips to elevate your podcasting game, including -

1. How important is technology to starting a successful podcast, and what do you need to get started?
2. How do podcasts demonstrate the power of community building, and how can you focus on the community's needs and interests?
3. How do consistency and perseverance contribute to success in podcasting, and what are some methods for maintaining both?
4. What do podcasts offer that other forms of media do not, and how do they provide unique value to listeners?
5. How does the MCU demonstrate the importance of overarching storytelling and audience engagement, and what can podcasters learn from this?
6. How do writers and creators balance multiple inputs when developing a storyline, and what can be done to ensure consistency throughout?
7. What is the role of the listener in podcasting, and how can they provide support to their favorite podcasts?
8. Why is having a clear theme or idea important for podcasting, and how can you ensure consistency throughout different episodes or series?
9. What are the benefits and drawbacks of using Patreon and other sponsorship models for your podcast?
10. How important is collaboration and seeking feedback from other podcasters and experts in the field, and what strategies can you use to build these relationships?

Catch it in all its 100th episode glory on all major podcast platforms, or directly at https://keithblakemorenoble.com/podcast/the-100th-one-with-gary-jones/ ‎
The #BSNAwards2023 happened in Birmingham this weekend just passed, and I was absolutely thrilled to be announced as the Runner Up in the Expert Of The Year category (for the second year running, too)!

There was some tremendous competition for that award, so I'm certainly chuffed with Runner Up.

Big thanks to Stacey Calder and her team for organising the event with such consummate skill, and to all of those who voted me through to the final in the first place - thanks you <3
#KBNRS is 4 years old TODAY!

Yes, 4 years since I launched The Keith Blakemore-Noble Radio Show, and we're still going, now into series 4, and the100th episode is out on Friday.

So I'm giving you something free to celebrate.

Many of my guests kindly record bonus content exclusively for my Patreon supporters, and Gary Jones was no exception when we recorded the 100th episode.

His bonus content, along with loads of other guests, plus many extended meditations, and more, are all available to my Patreon supporters, and today you can grab a free 7 day trial too so you can check it all out and see if you fancy supporting.

Pop over to https://Patreon.com/KeithBlakemoreNoble and check it out, free for 7 days.
My #Patreon supporters have just received their May bonus #meditation - a 25 minute "Inner Sanctuary" meditation where they discover their own inner sanctuary of peace, calmness, and reflection.

You can discover it too if you become a Patreon supporter - https://www.patreon.com/posts/may-2023-patreon-83829327
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