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Kathryn (Anja Health Founder)


host Anja Health PodcastπŸ’™ founder AnjaHealth.com in memory of my brother 🀰?⬇️


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Replying to @Tiffany Galati
Cord blood banking can serve as a source of compatible stem cells for family members in need, reducing the challenges associated with finding a suitable donor. The potential benefits of having this medical resource readily available make it a valuable consideration for some families, especially those with a history of hereditary diseases. #cordbloodbanking #anjahealth #cordtissuebanking #placentabanking
Replying to @Kenzie
Investing in cord blood banking can hold significant importance for families. Cord blood, rich in stem cells, is a valuable resource that can potentially be used to treat a variety of medical conditions, including blood disorders, immune system deficiencies, and certain cancers. By banking cord blood, parents are securing a unique biological insurance policy for their child's future health. #anjahealth #cordbloodbanking #cordtissuebanking #placentabanking
Replying to @Morgan Allison
Cord blood banking provides a readily available source of compatible stem cells, reducing the risk of graft-versus-host disease and improving the chances of successful transplants. #cordbloodbanking #anjahealth #cordtissuebanking #placentabanking
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