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Kassy’s Parlour


We are here to help you build your creative confidence in mixed media art!



Try working with only cool colors. How do they make you feel? Do you like cool colors or do you prefer warm colors? #icad2023  #createveryday #artjournalprompts #coolcolors  created by Kassy’s Parlour with 's Chill Vibes
Numbers are great for adding visual interest and texture to a background. I used @scrapbookcom number stamps with @heroarts #stampingink and @tcwstencils @balzerdesigns #stencil with @aladinecreations @sethapter #izinkiceglaze and finally @art_by_marlene robot stamp and her sticker quotes.
Day 100!!! #the100dayproject #kassysparlour100pages My prompt is Extend the image and Stars. Today I decided to extend the image that had already been started on the page, and the stars that I used to stamp were from my stamp set. I DID IT!! I can’t believe I made it through 100 days. I learned so much about myself through this process and really enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks for the encouragement along the way! On to the next challenge. What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?! #mixedmediaartist #artjournaling #onewildandpreciouslife #artchallenge #the100dayproject2023
Day 98 #the100dayproject #kassysparlour100pages My prompt is Extend the Image and Citrus. It’s an abstract citrus! 😂 Only 2 days left!! #mixedmediaartist #artjournaleveryday
Day 90 #the100dayproject #kassysparlour100pages My prompt is Pastes Brayer. The moment I brayered Yellow gesso from @janedavenport over this page I completely fell in love. There was nothing else I could do to make it better. So here is my page for today. ‘Her spirit is like a wildfire’ Let’s conquer this week. #mixedmediaartist #artjournaleveryday #herspiritislikeawildfire
Day 89 #the100dayproject #kassysparlour100pages My prompt is Pastes Flower. This page was interesting to put together. I had a paper towel that had a bunch of pigment on it and I thought it was so pretty. I wanted it to be the background of my page so I stuck that down first and let it dry and then I used a stencil from @joggles for the flowers, and then painted the vase. I love the texture and how this turned out. #artjournaleveryday #mixedmediaartist #flowers #texture
Day 85 #the100dayproject #kassysparlour100pages My prompt is Pastes Bubble Wrap. So I decided I would try putting light & fluffy paste on bubble wrap and smash it on the page. I love it! Go try it right now. It’s fun. #mixedmediaartist #artjournaleveryday #bubblewrap #maketimetoplay
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