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Kassandra Gordon


Conceptual jeweller & Engagement ring specialist

Some support to help guide you to wear your Anchored pendant.⚓️ #anchor #necklace #pendant #jewelrylover #jewelerytips #jewellerystyling  created by Kassandra Gordon with Superfly Legendas’s som original
Sometimes you just have to SHOW UP!

Glad I went to this luxury networking event.

I went to HOC Consulting Ltd’s first ladies only event by Han Chiang

Networking is important for everyone, regardless of gender. However, networking can hold particular significance for women due to historical disparities and underrepresentation in various fields. Here are a few reasons why networking is important for women:

1. Building connections: Networking allows women to connect with professionals in their field, creating opportunities for mentorship, collaboration, and learning from others’ experiences. Building a strong network can provide valuable guidance and support throughout one’s career.

2. Overcoming gender biases: Networking helps women navigate potential gender biases by connecting with individuals who can provide insights, share strategies for success, and advocate for their professional growth. It can help challenge stereotypes and promote inclusivity.

3. Accessing opportunities: Networking provides access to a wider range of opportunities, including job openings, promotions, and projects. Women who actively engage in networking are more likely to learn about hidden opportunities and increase their visibility within their industry.

4. Support and empowerment: Networking events and communities designed for women offer a supportive environment where experiences, challenges, and successes can be shared. This can boost confidence, foster a sense of belonging, and inspire women to pursue their professional goals.

You never know how much you can gain from just SHOWING UP!

#business #networkingwomen #womenempowerment #genderequality #jewelrydesigner #luxury #luxurylife #smallbusinessowner
Love what I do!

1. Creativity and Artistry: Being a bespoke jeweller allows you to express your creativity and artistic skills through unique and customized designs. Each piece you create becomes a work of art, reflecting your vision and the individuality of the wearer.

2. Personal Connection: Working closely with clients to bring their jewelry ideas to life establishes a personal connection. Understanding their desires, hearing their stories, and creating something meaningful for them can be incredibly rewarding.

3. Quality and Attention to Detail: As a bespoke jeweller, you have the opportunity to focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail. The pursuit of excellence and creating high-quality jewelry that stands the test of time can be a source of pride and satisfaction.

4. Fulfilling Client's Dreams: Creating bespoke jewelry allows you to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of your clients. You have the privilege of making something truly unique and special that holds sentimental value, marking important milestones or capturing cherished memories.

5. Constant Learning and Growth: The field of jewelry making is vast, and being a bespoke jeweller means you are continually learning and growing. You can explore new techniques, materials, and design trends, expanding your skill set and keeping your work fresh and exciting.

Overall, being a bespoke jeweller offers a combination of artistic expression, personal connections, and the joy of creating meaningful and cherished pieces for your clients, making it a profession that many find fulfilling and rewarding.
#lovemyjob #fineart #finejewellery #jewelrymaking #jewelrytiktok #jewelrybusiness #engagementring
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