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Karen Allen


all things mindset • wellness • growth



#stitch with @karen.m.allen for everyone who left a comment on that video and asked if there’s something wrong with you because this technique did not feel good, soothing, or peaceful, here’s my response 🗣️

We are all so different! And it’s ♥️OK♥️ if this did not feel good to you.

Feel free to stick around and check out the 👉🏽other tips and tools👈🏽 that I share to help you feel better and become mentally strong.

💕Love & light✨
This filter tho 👀 #foryou
but foreal I need this makeup palette lol 😂
Replying to @ellierodz717 great question! This is absolutely something you can change.

I highly recommended checking out @jimkwik work. He’s amazing!

#memory #mindsetmotivation #mentalstrengthtraining #growth
Replying to @veronicasellsutah don’t over, complicate it. Use your imagination to put yourself into the space you want to be. 🧠

The more you practice, the easier it will become.

#mindsetmatters #mentalstrengthtraining #healingjourney
Replying to @emmzc_ here’s to bringing a little more peace into your day.

Hope this helps 🫶🏽

#mindsetmatters #growth #healing #mindfulness #mindsetmotivation
Replying to @javi_.70 big shout out to Jeff Warren!! He’s amazing and his course helped in SOOOOOOO many ways.

All time favorite! 🫶🏽

#mindsetmatters #healing #growth
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