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New victim in KC “serial killer” case found in Missouri River, Clay Counter prosecutor admits “greater public safety threats than initially stated.” ##KansasCity##KansasCityDefender##Police##PoliceComplicity##KCPD##KCMO##SerialKiller##Black##BlackWomen##Missing##Justice created by kcdefender with RE:MUSICA’s Mystery investigation video Detective suspense gekitomo(1193045)
“Do You Want To See A White Man F*ck Up A N*gger?”: White Supremacist Stabs Black Man To Death In Kansas City, Gets "Peace Disturbance" Charge


A growing wave of Kansas City community members are demanding justice after a "Hate crime" occurred on the 4th of July.

White supremacist, Sean Walter Tonkin, repeatedly called Jon Rone Jr., a Black man, "n*gger" before viciously stabbing and murdering him.

Witness accounts and court records offer a bone-chilling narrative of the murder. Tonkin made his intent clear to multiple eyewitnesses.

Tonkin repeated to multiple witnesses before finding a victim for his attack: "Do you wanna see a white man f*ck up a n*gger?"


The egregious incident took place on July 4th at a gas station on 14306 E. U.S. 40 Highway just before 2:30 p.m.

When emergency responders arrived, they found Rone inside the gas station unresponsive and suffering from multiple stab wounds to his chest.


Rone's family told The Defender in an interview that 2 weeks after the white supremacist, Sean Tonkin, killed Jon, he was “currently not facing charges... the prosecutors are saying there's not enough evidence."

"As of now, he’s getting away with this.”

Shortly after our interview with the family, charges were brought against Tonkin, but only for "drug possession" and "peace disturbance," not murder.


“The fact that he said what he was going to do. He intentionally wanted to start something with a Black man. And that’s what he did. He provoked him. Then he stabbed my brother in the chest twice…This Is More Than Just A Murder, This Is A Hate Crime”.

As Kansas City prepares for the aftermath of this devastating tragedy, many are bracing for the potential of civil unrest.
The Defender asserts our unflinching solidarity with the grieving family and loved ones of Jon Rone Jr., a life brutally cut short in the onslaught of racial hatred.
We extend our heartfelt condolences and a firm commitment to amplify their call for justice.

On Friday, October 7, 2022, a 22-year old Black woman escaped bondage after being kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and held captive in the basement of an Excelsior Springs, Missouri man's home.

Haslett kept the woman in a small room in the basement that he had built. She was restrained in handcuffs on her wrists and ankles. The woman was kidnapped, raped, and tortured by Haslett.

Haslett's case sparked international outrage last October, after KCPD refused to investigate reports of missing Black women from Prospect Avenue and lazily called them "rumors" without doing any investigation.

Less than a month after KCPD's false claims, the young Black woman escaped from Haslett's "basement torture dungeon".

On Tuesday, February 14th, the Clay County prosecutors pressed new charges against Haslett.

Haslett was indicted by a grand jury on nine counts, including first-degree rape, first-degree kidnapping, four counts of first-degree sodomy, two counts of second-degree assault, and endangering the welfare of a child.

On Friday, February 17th, Haslett pleaded not guilty in an arraignment hearing to nine new felonies.

In the immediate aftermath of this case, police dismissed the possibility of Haslett having additional victims.

In a more recent statement to the media, law enforcement changed their stance & acknowledged "substantial possibility" of there being additional victims.

If convicted, Haslett faces up to five life sentences plus 36 years. With the indictment, Haslett's bond is now $3 million.
"YOU BROUGHT A HIGH COP TO MY HOUSE?": Black Family to Press Charges Against Kansas Cop Who Appears High Out His Mind


Following a family dispute regarding his son, two Wyandotte County, Kansas City Kansas Police officers were summoned to Charles Guy’s home.

“I had my son for a couple of hours,” Charles told The Defender. “We came back home and those cops had been inside of my house.”

“That cop admitted on camera that they had already gone into my home,” Charles continued. “I kept trying to get the cop’s name and information. That’s when I started noticing he was high out of his mind. I have more videos too. I video taped the sergeant too. When he came up I videoed him.”

“I told the sergeant that I was scared of the cop being there because he was intoxicated with a deadly weapon. The sergeant kept defending his officer. I said come on he don’t look high to you? I think the only reason they were denying it is because they saw I had my camera. Every time I asked him and said man are you on drugs or high, they would never deny it, he was just hella argumentative.”

“I mean come on, he’s clearly just sitting there high as a kite. His teeth were grinding his eyes were going all over the place. His foot was fucking twitching it was looking like a jackrabbit, he would close his eyes and go to sleep leaning against the wall.”

"Now just every other day, I’ll see like two cop cars, now they just patrolling sitting in front of my house all the time. I’m already paranoid I know what they do to our people, I’d rather stand up to em then let em kill me."


The Metro Organization for Racial & Economic Equity told The Defender in a statement:

“Having met with so many community members who have been violated by this department, we are not surprised… reality is, no matter what is happening with the officer in this video, the fact that his fellow officer is seemingly disregarding this highly unusual behavior points to the system we know and have come to believe needs Department of Justice scrutiny”
#KansasCity #KansasCityPolice #Kansas

A bombshell multi-county investigation began last Friday when a 22-year old Black woman escaped bondage after being kidnapped and held captive in a basement torture dungeon of an Excelsior Springs, Missouri man’s home for a month.

The man is identified as Timothy Haslett Jr., a white 39-year old male.

The victim, identified by the alias “T.J.” in court records, told investigators that her friends did not make it and that Haslett "killed two of my friends."

Court documents read: “He kept her restrained in handcuffs on her wrists and ankles... He whipped her while she was restrained.”

She said "a man by the name of Timothy picked her up on Prospect in Kansas City at the beginning of September 2022.”


In mid-to-late September, The Kansas City Defender published a video of Bishop Tony Caldwell, a local Kansas City community leader who was one of many in the Black Kansas City community who made reports of numerous murdered and missing Black women.

In the video, Bishop Caldwell specifically identified that the women who were missing were being taken from an area on Prospect Avenue in Kansas City.

The Kansas City Police Department made a statement addressing the community testimonies and called them “completely unfounded rumors,” dismissing the concerns.

There Are Now Four Major Confirmed Facts Which Clearly Disprove KCPD’s Earlier Statements;

1. A Black woman was kidnapped, raped and tortured.

2. she was picked up on Prospect Avenue in early September (during the exact time-frame that community members began expressing concerns of numerous missing and murdered Black women in this exact area

3. She said her friends “did not make it out” and were killed by Timothy Haslett Jr.

4. Police have confirmed that detectives are taking her claim seriously and are "actively investigating" if Haslett has other victims.

"At first the police said there was no evidence of a serial killer or any young ladies missing. I could see them saying we can’t comment on an ongoing investigation and leave it at that, but for them to say conclusively, its not happening, to completely shut our concerns down, that’s just wrong."

- Bishop Tony Caldwell, Eternal Life Church
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