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Kamloops Vet Clinic


🏥 Companion animal hospital 🐾 Operating since 1968 📍Kamloops, BC

Meet Zola!

Zola is an 11 year old, female spayed German Shepherd Mix. Zola presented to us near the end of June as she was having small, frequent urinations. After running a urinalysis, a urinary tract infection was diagnosed. Zola was placed on antibiotics with a follow up urinalysis recommended once antibiotics were finished.

Zola came back after her antibiotics with the same symptoms and after re-running a sample, the infection had not cleared. The next step was to take an x-ray to rule out bladder stones - and bladder stones we did find! "Bladder stones, also known as urolithiasis or cystolithiasis, are solid mineral deposits that form inside the bladder of dogs and cats. Stones start out as crystals that form in the urine. These crystals form when a combination of events takes place, such as urine pH change (pH is a measure of acidity and alkalinity in urine), increased urine concentration, and changes in the mineral makeup of the urine being formed. Over time, the crystals combine and layer together to form bladder stones."

Due to the size of Zola's stones, surgical removal was recommended. This surgery is also known as a "Cystotomy". Zola went in for surgery the following day.

Follow along Zola's surgery day with us - everything went very smoothly, and Zola got to go home the same day. It has now been 2 months since her surgery and the owners state she has been doing well! Zola was placed strictly on a urinary diet to help the prevention/maintenance of bladder stones.

For more information on bladder stones, see this great article:
Happy #internationalcatday from some of the Kam Vet staff kitties! 🐱 🐈 🐈‍⬛ #cats #catday #catsoftiktok #vets #vetsoftiktok
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