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Kaitlyn Sexton Lyday


ID ❣️ Creative Director former cheerleader, coach, choreographer



I already have coaches swarming my inbox asking for help on how to teach these! ⬇️

If you’re wanting to get a
#backhandspringfullup — make sure you can do a #backhandspringup with a straight body line first. Coaches don’t realize that spin isn’t happening when the flyers’ chests are down bc you never fully understood/taught how to invert correctly before trying to add the spin 🤭 #cheer #cheerstunts #cheerleading #highschoolcheer
Replying to @malloryhunter19 shoutout to anyone who remembers this one 🫶 It was my favorite and I’m lucky to still call these amazing women (Sio!!! Andrea!!! Shannon!!!) in the video my friends! #cheer #cheerdance #cheerleading #cheerleaders #halftimedance #ucastaff
Replying to @adriene_livingston giving some real talk here for High School Cheer Tryout Advice!

Could not tell you how many times ive judged cheer tryouts and watched athletes NOT make the team because:

1. Disregarded dress code (tells your coach you don’t follow directions)
2. Thrown a new skill (unsafe)
3. Stormed off/cursed because they messed up (poor ambassadorship representing a school/program)
4. Not knew material and only gave excuses about why they didn’t have time to perfect it (when they did in fact have time) 😭

Read your tryout instructions and show up prepared. They’ll never harp down on human mistakes, but some actions define how you would act as an athlete :)

#cheer #cheerleading #cheertryouts #cheertryout #cheersquad #cheerteam
Replying to @maegenburgehay try and mix around any of these :) and if you have more fun ones comment them below to share the wealth #cheer #cheerleading #cheerleader #sidelinecheer #rally
✨ complete trust ✨

#cheerstunts #coedstunt #coedstunting #cheerleading #stuntcouple

*we did not bring our drone into a national park, but a nice man from Poland did and offered to send the video he took 🫶*
Cheerleaders turned corporate girlies where are yoooooou #cheer #cheerleading #retiredathlete #corporatelife

(If you saw this transition video used for Imprint no u didnt ok it deserved a place on the cheertok)
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