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Kaitlyn Sexton Lyday


Creative Director 3x college national 2x ag partner stunt 3x world champion



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Replying to @Triniti Nickole inversions breakdown— push off not needed because the bases and back did their jobs :)

The biggest issues I see when troubleshooting these, per position:

Backspots not being aggressive enough, letting the stunt fall onto them and then launching legs upward when the top is trying to rotate

Bases don’t complete the rock/rotation before locking out legs, leaving rotation and toss in only their arms

Flyers not holding a straight bodyline trying to “help” when it actually creates bad habits and makes the stunt unpredictable for the bases!

PSA: do not spin these if your straight up inversions are choppy or poorly executed! 🫶 #cheer #cheerstunts #elitestunts #cheerleading #backhandspringup #roundoffup #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen
Replying to @Lisettedatrend🌄 flyer tips for libs/liberties! Most of these tips also apply for single leg body positions like heelstretches, scales, bows, needles, etc. :)

PRACTICE AT HOME TO GAIN MUSCLE MEMORY! ♥️ Note— this video is mirrored and with my front camera! #cheer #cheerleading #cheerstunts #flyertips #cheerlib #cheerflyertips
Replying to @.emmyyrose Tip for squish/bump down/load in: keep flyer weight in arms, bases try not to avoid separating/getting lazy :)

But, if you can’t make your team’s dismounts clean, try any of these!

Pop off from extension or one foot body position: back catches waist, bases catch thighs at top and slow down. Flyer keeps legs together and strong core, catching back’s wrists!

1 foot bump down or “retake”: just like an opposite lib. This is my favorite because it’s so graceful and matches a traditional bump down without the issue of staying separated!

J down: combines pop off and 1 foot bump down. Flyer and main base match 1 foot bump down, side and backspot match pop off grips!

#cheer #cheerleading #cheerstunts #cheerdismount #cheersquad #groupstunt
Posting this from #onthisday last year bc I love when @Amber Mae💖 hears out my silly ideas and we get to help cheerleaders everywhere!! Shoutout to the JV CHEERLEADERS!!! #cheer #cheers #cheersquad #cheerleading #sidelinecheer #jv
Replying to @Lexi cracking up referring to our group in third person for the sake of the lesson 😂 also, it’s great my friends painted their nails different colors so you can really see the grips when paused!!

When troubleshooting this, just record the stunt group attempting it and fix it the same way you learned it via video!! 🤍

#cheer #cheerstunts #cheerleading #stunting #groupstunt #cheersquad #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo
#onthisday but I know some people need this refresher 😂 HOW TO DO A SEAT ROLL! #cheer #cheerleading #competitivecheerleading #seatroll
Replying to @alyssa normal speed and slow mo quick toss full up (all girl). Quick tip: finish the straight up toss before the spin 😎 #cheer #cheerstunts #cheerleading #allgirlstunt #cheercoach #cheersquad
Here’s the issue with your inversions (roundoff up, bhs up, etc.) 99% of the time:

• your backspot is standing up too quickly, throwing over their shoulder, or grabbing too low (knees/shins instead of upper thigh or waist) on the flyer’s legs. This throws the half of the body that is trying to flip—upward, forcing the flyer to get stuck or trying to bend through. 😬

• the flyer isn’t holding a good line through the “rock” (contact through release). The flyer should be holding a plank position, shrugging through the shoulders in the roundoff or handspring to keep weight over the group. When a flyer feels stuck during the rotation, they’ll usually bend through to save the stunt. This teaches the bases to NEVER do their job and it is the worst looking technique 🥲 the judges know to look out for this and reflect scores accordingly!

• your bases (main/side) are either too far apart, locking out their LEGS before rocking the top girl with their arms/bodies (your front arm should be higher than the back arm before you stand, which usually doesnt happen 🙃), or they’re not shrugging through the toss/catch at the top.

• your coaching allowed for sacrificing technique, pushing off, or “making it work” instead of breaking down the skill and doing it correctly. This usually results in ugly technique, inconsistency, and inability to progress to harder skills— like front handspring ups and bhs full ups. 🫢

If you’re troubleshooting these, record them from the side, slow it down, and make sure the flyer is in a straight plank with chest above the hips before exploding with a throw. The bases will likely be throwing with only their arms and the backspot will likely be too far out.

If everyone works together, inversions hit effortlessly to the top. When you don’t do your job— everyone else has to guess and sacrifice technique to make it work, which is not what we want to teach the athletes. :)

#cheer #cheerstunts #cheerstunt #cheercoach #cheerleading #inversiontips
Replying to @heyyyitsmeeeteee my best advice at the end 🥹 and full health details below ⬇️ disclaimer: I am not a licensed professional in exercise or diet— this is just what works for me.

Cheer workout frequency: I stunt or tumble every week. I stretch most days. I also get my cheer workouts in making content for this tiktok page lol

Workouts: Right now I’m into biking for 30 minutes at level 5 or 6 resistance, pull ups, some pike ups or toes to bar, plus tucks. Tucks are the best ab workout :)

Diet: I usually snack on whole foods— granola, yogurt, cherry tomatoes, fruits, etc. I avoid fast food and chips but definitely make room for dessert daily. I have greens and collagen every day (lots of protein) and try to wait to have caffeine until mid day. Sometimes I give up alcohol or meat in my diet just to cleanse my body, too :)

#cheer #cheershape #retiredcheerleader #workouts #eatingclean #cheerleading
The last 6 months in cheerleading 📣

I knew turning 30 would make me want to transition out of cheerleading either on a team/staff, as a local coach, or as a full time career.

Having this tiktok created a new opportunity for me. 2 years ago, today, I started this tiktok (thank you
@Amber Mae💖 ) to educate and laugh with athletes and coaches— and it fufilled my purpose in a way I hadn’t felt in years.

I am so thankful to be here, sharing this life of cheer with all of you, and I’m so excited that THIS is what cheerleading looks like for (my husband and) me in my thirties.

#cheer #cheerleading #retiredcheerleader #adultcheerleading #cheerstunts #cheercoach
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