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No one here but us chickens



Replying to @Michael Godspeed sister

I tried to have this conversation last spring with our tribal elders who stood idle while a TIGHTLY masked bandit taunted this high school girl at our BLM event here back in June of 2020. I did nothing with that footage until noticing his resemblance to a congressional candidate for NJ11 in 2022.
@Michael see that video for reference. Or not. It’s a hot mess.

I privately circulated that footage to confirm/deny his identity and even reached out to the campaign who acknowledged the communication but did not confirm or deny the candidate was depicted in my video. the other non responses were laughably awkward. So I posted it asking for confirmation and immediately got a hard denial from a neighbor confidently telling me it wasn’t the candidate so I pulled it. That denial has now been walked back I am embarrassed to report, but this isn’t about politics or even race. This is straight up bullying and people are protecting the bully at the expense of the high school student. Important people here know who this is. They may not tell you who this but try showing an image of the masked bandit and asking if he was at Veterans Day this past November. Regardless this is an overdue conversation - ✌️ to be clear I did not and do not want to dox or shame anyone - Neither George Floyd nor this fella should be judged by the low points of one’s life. None of us ought to be. I just wanted to use that free speech right brothers and sisters with malice toward none and charity toward all✌️
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