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Julia Cha


Your Bad B Era Catalyst, Author, Subconscious Reprogramming • Power & Persuasion


Your Bad Bitch Era

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Replying to @F A woman’s biggest obstacle in power dynamics is herself - the Good Girl mindset peeking through, becoming hopefully dependent, or reacting angrily due to her triggers. #powerdynamicsareeverywhere #patriarchalvalues #selfesteemforwomen #overcomingtoxicpeople
#stitch with @Synthia The Good Girl’s root cause issue is lack of honesty with herself that comes from unhealthy relationship standards. You either please or attack and blame, and there’s nothing ever wrong with you. That’s why you can’t change, and why you keep suffering. #healingfromnarcissists #endpeoplepleasing #emotionalintelligencetraining
#stitch with @🦋Authenticity is Your Power🦋 Ladies, pay attention to WHY he cares so much about the details of WHY you follow me, talk to me, and care about my opinions. He’s keeping tabs. I’m nice to him, but him and I already know that we’re enemies, because I see his entitlement that you’ve fully adjusted to, and it’s only a matter of time you build yourself enough to acknowledge this. #entitlementatitsfinest #patriarchalbeliefs #selfesteemforwomen
Replying to @tobehonest✨ We are social creatures. We have to adjust to people to some level while holding our power. “I don’t care what people think” isn’t 100% possible when you are leading. Gender and race context matters in our presentation. #executivepresenceforwomen #leadershipforwomen #ambitiouswomeninbusiness
Replying to @User7392964020 the Good Girl to Bad Bitch journey requires a lot of #overcomingtriggers - your Good Girl self will not initially feel 100% comfortable with a Bad Bitch expert, but that’s who is capable to give you results. #peoplepleasingendsnow #powerdynamicsareeverywhere
#stitch with @Negotiate This I can’t tell you how many women told me that my coaching services were “expensive,” after they paid a man tens of thousands more and didn’t even get the expected results. Keep asking, and also, check yourself. Let’s be part of the solution. #genderpaygapisreal #overcomingimpostersyndrome #ambitiouswomenunite #genderbiasatwork
#stitch with @Nai'a 🌈💖✨️🪻 This is why shedding your #patriarchalconditioning has to be a priority for you to become healthy, happy, and wealthy. #benevolentsexism #covertabuserecovery
#stitch with @Tammy - The Manicured Mom™️ Stop being a pleaser then complain about it. Learn to be an adult. Until we have a Bad Bitch majority, feminism stays immature. #patriarchalprogramming #badboundaries #immaturewomen
Replying to @chimonyc The Good Girl to Bad B on YouTube has been in my plans. At your service 🫶🏼 Thank you. 🙏🏼 #peoplepleasingnomore ##powerdynamicsareeverywhere ##selfesteemhelp
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