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Julia Fikse


Philippians 1:9



Overcoming emotional eating is totally possible! You can do it!! #christianbook #christianbooktok #foodaddictionrecovery #lightningmcqueen  #biblestudy  created by Julia Fikse with Emily Scaia's original sound
#greenscreen Apples are the best fruit. Ever. Change my mind. #apples #healthyliving #imadeyoulook
#duet with @mellamoshakirashakira I relate to this so much! Being sad and going to chocolate to get me through the moment. Food is a friend until it starts hurting our mental and physical well-being. Understand your relationship with food in my new Bible Study Program “Dear Food, I Love You. I Hate You.Don’t Leave Me!” You’re not alone and you can overcome food frustrations for good -with, or without, chocolate #recoveryhumor #foodaddiction #christiantiktok #biblestudy #AnimalsOfTikTok
#duet with @mikkipiki why do I relate to this so much??? Food has always been a struggle for me- especially pizza!! There’s never enough pizza. Check out my story of recovering from over eating in my new book and recovery program. If you struggle too- food frustrations can be overcome… and “Dear Food, I Love You. I Hate You.Don’t Leave Me!” can help. #healthyliving #biblestudy #christiantiktok #overeating
Hate diets? Maybe you think you can only lose weight or get healthy if you’re eating foods that taste like cardboard and dirt. Not so! Eat your #vegetables - but eat what you like! Consider this #weightlossmotivation : there’s a lot of guilt and “shoulds” attached to healthy eating because we have a preconceived understanding that weight loss and healthy eating means we can’t enjoy the foods we love. How to enjoy your healthy eating plan? Eat the healthy foods you love- and if you don’t like a healthy food… choose a healthy alternative that you like a lot. You may not actually hate healthy eating after all… you might just hate some healthy foods other people have told you you have to to eat. Make a list of what YOU like. Eat your faves and enjoy your own healthy eating food plan!! There are some veggies even I won’t even touch with a ten foot fork!#encouragement #bodypositivity #eattherainbow #howifeelaboutcertaindesignchoices #christiangirl #healthyliving
#duet with @tchenchilla #rome Food can be a friend till the relationship goes sour. Breaking up with bad food is hard to do. I get it. I’ve been there. That’s why I’ve written a Bible Study program to help you get out of an abusive food relationship. Food can be great- until it starts to hurt us… then we need to stop letting food hurt us, break free, and live life to the full without damaging food and food behaviors. There is hope. Victory is possible. Start feeling better today with the Dear Food, I Love You, I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me! Bible Study program. #christian #christiantiktok #biblestudy #christianbooktok #bodypositivity #1newreleaseamazon in 5 categories
#greenscreen #christiantiktok #jesus #christianbooktok join the joyful movement to a healthier, happier you! Like and follow for release dates and information
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