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💦 We teach drowning prevention and water safety 💦 #dontletthemdrown #beavoice



1️⃣1️⃣ The Information Processing theory in neurology states that for every second that passes, there are 11 million pieces of data that come in through our senses.

🧠 The human brain can only process and attend to about 40-60 of those pieces of data each second. The rest, it blocks out and becomes blind to.

😵‍💫 There is not much visual or auditory stimuli to draw your attention to what is happening during a drowning because it is so silent and happens so quickly and mostly underwater. As a result, more powerful visual and auditory stimuli will hijack your attention in that moment and then you won’t see the drowning happening, even if it’s happening right in front of you.

⚠️ This is why a drowning can happen even when parents are careful and watchful.

💦 This is why a child can drown in a pool full of people and no one sees them in time to save them.

👀 This is why even if you “watch your child”, it’s not enough.

🗣️ This is why young children need to learn to survive in the water without flotation devices and without assistance.

‼️This is why most young child drownings happen.

👥 This is why you need water watchers and one-on-one touch supervision with kids who can’t swim or float on their own.

THIS is why❗️

#thisiswhy #11million #brain #inattentive #blindness #parentsoftiktok #pools
🚨 Trigger warning: photo of a child who died from drowning.

🙋🏻‍♀️But isn’t letting your baby cry in the water traumatizing to them? “

🥹”I won’t get survival swim lessons for my child because I can’t watch my baby cry.”

👶🏽 The reality of this is that babies are going to cry. It’s how they communicate. They do it when they are mad, sad, not sure what you want them to do, hungry, when they have soiled themselves and yes, when they are scared too.

😬 They have separation anxiety as a normal phase of development and will scream and cry if you leave them with anyone, regardless of if that person is in water or not.

💦 Just because your baby may cry during (usually only the initial few sessions of) survival swim lessons (they would cry during any lessons), it does not mean that they are being traumatized. It means that they are being a normal, baby human.

🗣️ Reputable survival swim instructors know how to teach your children without traumatizing them. They are trained not only in teaching water survival techniques but also in psychology of learning and child development. They know the stages and phases and what kids can and can’t do at specific ages. They know how to teach each age and stage appropriately.

☑️ Trust them.

😒 Take it from a momma who knows what real trauma is and wishes she could hear her child cry just one more time….

Drowning is the most likely reason a child under 5️⃣ the United States will die. You wanna talk trauma? THAT is trauma.

💦 Get your children skilled in the water.

#tramua #triggerwarning #losingachild #childloss #verses #truth #prevention
K9️⃣ Chase is on his next case to donate as many life jackets to the Judah Brown Project!

👼🏼 We are doing this in memory of our Beautiful son Bodhi, whom we miss every single day.

🙍🏽‍♂️👧🏾 Every year Houston has so many child drownings (It is the number one cause of death for children under 5 and number 3 for children 5-19) and many of these happen in one of the numerous open water areas we have in this part of Texas.

⚠️ Many of our open water child drownings could be prevented, if children just had a safe and reliable, coast guard approved life jacket to wear when they go to lakes, rivers or the ocean.

🥰 Often families cannot afford these life saving devices, but that is where YOU come in! YOU can save a little life, just by donating a new or gently used U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket to the Judah Brown Project. They will then be distributed to families in need this coming spring (2023), when we will be educating boaters, swimmers and recreation goers around Houston, on the importance of open water safety and handing life jackets out to those who can’t afford them.

👉🏼 Here are several ways you can donate:

🔴 Buy a coast guard approved life jacket and drop it off at 12319 Bowsman Dr. Tomball, Texas 77377 or mail it to: 12319 Bowsman Dr. Tomball, Texas 77377.

🔵 Get on Amazon, pick a life jacket you like on our wish list and buy it. It will then be sent directly to the Judah Brown Project. Link for our Amazon wish list: (https://a.co/hPg4u7s).

👉🏼 You can make a donation here: JudahBrownProject.org Please make sure to specify in the notes section that your donation is to go toward the JBP life jacket drive.
#k9 #chase #lifejacket #openwater #police #donations #beachpatrol #beaches #rivers #lakes #oceans
🚨 Let’talk about Puddle Jumpers...

Actually, let’s talk more specifically about the overuse of not just puddle jumpers, but any Personal Flotation Device (PFD) that keeps a child vertical when swimming recreationally in the pool.

***We are by no means opposed to these devices for open water use. They are
necessary there; where currents, waves, entanglements marine life, water
temperature and clarity can all be a factor in creating an uncontrolled environment. These devices were created for that environment and should always be used there.***

We are specifically talking about the overuse of these devices in pools and what that can do to a child.

My son wore a puddle jumper frequently while in the pool and I thought I was doing what was best for him. It turns out I was very wrong.

These devices give both parents and children a false sense of security-a false sense of safety.

Many parents unknowingly use puddle jumpers/PFD’s as a substitute for
their children being able to swim and survive in water. Letting children bob
around in water unassisted communicates to the child that swimming is easy, fun, and independent and parents are not needed.

We believe this is why kids go back to the water alone - they have not developed a healthy respect for water, are impulsive and do not have the mental capacity to understand that they are unable to swim when the flotation devices are off.

Parents put flotation devices on their children and feel they can let down their guard - their kids are safe in the water with the device on, right?!

When swim time is over, parents remove the device and continue with the day’s activities. Unfortunately, this is when overconfident children can find their way back to the water’s edge, unskilled, unprepared, and in danger.

Remember the statistics-children drown most often when it is not a swim time, and most were seen within 5 minutes of being found in the water.

To read more visit our instagram page at judahbrownproject.

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2️⃣ I found Judah in the water within 2 minutes of his being missing from my side.

3️⃣0️⃣ It only takes 30 seconds for a child under 30 pounds to drown.

✋🏽 70% of children who drown are found within just 5 minutes of having last been seen safe and outside of the water.

⚠️ Many children are taught treading water or pushing off of the bottom of the pool to reach the side as drowning prevention techniques. The hope is that a child will be able to perform one of these in order to either get themselves out of the water or be able to wait for help to come.

4️⃣ BUT neither of these techniques is sustainable for a child under 4-years-old (and I would argue not until they are quite a bit older than that).

👧🏾 Because of a young child’s body proportions and lack of coordination skills, most cannot tread water and those that can can only sustain it successfully for about 30 seconds.

🚨Most toddlers will not be able to reach the bottom of the pool and kick off of it in the event of an emergency.

💦 But did you know that children as young as 6-7 months old can learn to float on their backs for extended periods of time? It works with their anatomy, doesn’t expend the amount of energy that treading or kicking off the bottom of the pool does and can be sustained for 2-5 minutes or even longer, if needed.

❓Given the majority of kids who drown are found within 5 minutes of being seen outside of the water and that it only takes 30 seconds for littles to drown, which one would you choose to teach your child?

#30seconds #floating #watersafety #educate #prevention #danger #toddlers #survival
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