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Lucy Fernandes


Child/Youth counsellor #mentalhealthblog #driedflowers #gratitude #smokebundles



🧹Besom brooms are a representation of mother earth. It helps to keep you grounded, connects you to your altar space by honouring the five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, & Spirit.
🧹This Besom broom has the crystal, Blue Aventurine. It is a psychic activator and helps one open up the third eye.
🧹This crystal represents mental, enchantment, emotional understanding, enlightenment, expanded awareness, gentle-self expression, growth, inner peace, & intuition.
🧹This besom broom has the colour blue throughout it, as it represents confidence, loyalty, spiritual, commitment, reliability, wisdom, faith, intelligence, and femininity.

It is the longest in length! It is a real beauty and made with so much creativity & spirituality💕

This broom is custom made and priced at $65.00. I have one person interested so I have not listed this yet, but anyone else interested please DM me!

#spiritual #spirituality #love #meditation #healing #peace #wisdom #energy #etsy #etsyshop #handmade #etsyseller #smallbusiness #shopsmall #etsyfinds #love #vintage #giftideas #handmadewithlove #witch #witchcraft #pagan #wicca #witchyvibes
Magic is defined as ‘the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.’ Magic allows us to overcome a range of issues in daily life and empower ourselves to take action to invite the change we wish to create in our lives. 

* Rituals can be as simple or as complex as you feel drawn to do
* Supplies are cost effective and easy to come across
* Can be performed anywhere; indoors or outdoors
* Candle Magic already represents the 4 elements. Earth - When unlit, Fire - Once lit, Water - When the wax melts and Air - from the smoke.

How to perform a simple candle spell

🪄Begin by cleansing and charging the candle/s with your intention before any ritual to increase the effectiveness.
🪄This can be done purely with the intention but some choose to anoint the candles with special oils, blends, herbs or carve runes, words or symbols into the candle.
🪄Light the candle while visualising what you wish to achieve. Sit and meditate on your goal while the candle is burning down.
🪄Once you feel intuitively that you are finished, snuff out the candle or sit with the candle until it has finished
🪄“Remember not to blow out your candle, you do not want to blow away your intention! Snuff it out with a tool or your fingers instead, if it can't be left to burn out."

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Jergon Sacha: Upright means: unforeseen change, breakdown of transfiguration, poison, transmuted evil into neutralized rising from the ashes.
When this card is pulled, watch your back as it represents radical change and breakdown. This card can mean that someone or something is harming your energy. Remember that the darkest of energies that bring crisis or unforeseen changes can be transmuted benevolence.

Calendula: This card means: innocence, childlike, joy, humility, purity, new beginnings, trusting in life, & vitality. Calendula resembles the sun, a radiant, bright, yellow or orange flower that grows easily and spreads its joyful self across gardens symbolizing the gesture, of universal abundance to be allowed entry within, these angelic, realms. This requires childlike innocence & humility. Don’t allow pain from the past, to disable your ability to dream a new life. This represents the pure impulse to create vitality and creativity, needed to step into a new journey.

Rose: This is a herb of Venus. A card upright means: unconditional love, merging with the oneness,nourishment, and purity. It is time to allow for greater love in your life. The dance of love & trust leads to healing. Open your heart like the rose. You are rising from harsh soil through the path of thorns and challenges, as you grow and blossom in your spiritual journey. Understand love is the doorway and through this secret embodiment, you are able to rebirth anything into manifestation. Be creative, nurturing connection, be attuned to the vibrational powers of unconditional love.

Mugwort: This card upright means: dreamwork, the liminal space & transition, other realities, clairvoyance, foresight, and ruled by the moon. The moon goddess, and her wise white owl will meet you as you enter the limited space between one life phase and the next. Channel this wide open, she is instructing you on how to draw upon your psychic powers, to pass through the test within the realm of shadow. You are not lost! Confront the darkness that is unworthy of your devotion, pay attention to the signs and omens that appear as you navigate, the labyrinth of the subterranean forest.
#tarotreading #tarot #tarotreader
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