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Journal Ȯbsessiȯn


Journalling for a better you 🧿 ✨Write, Reflect, Repeat✨ journalobsession.com

I started creating journals as a result of my own spiritual and healing journey.
I kept hearing about the wonders of journalling, but I just couldn't seem to get into the habit of it. I'd find myself staring at a blank page and the page staring right back at me...

I started feeling very guilty about the many journals I'd bought and the few pages that had only ever gotten used.

I couldn't ever decide if I should use them to write down my thoughts, use them for my manifestations, write about my dreams, list affirmations... the possibility was endless and decision paralysis kept getting the best of me. I decided to look for journals that had spaces for everything I need, so that I had a sustainable structure planned out in front of me. But I couldn't find anything quite right for the job!

So, I decided to make my own.

One that would include pages for everything I needed, and would keep me accountable, instead of just blank pages with endless possibilities.

So, I got to work and my first creation, the 7 Week Ultimate Mindfulness Journal was born!

Since then, I've found how much I enjoyed the process of creating something that is going to be useful for people like me and so I've been designing and self-publishing journals and planners to suit all kinds of needs.

I use my own life requirements as inspiration as I know there are many people like me out there. People that want to be more organised, feel more on top of everything, build better habits, keep track of their dreams and goals, get clear on their goals, improve their mental health by focusing on the positives in their life, working through the negative aspects by organising their thoughts...

So I guess, if you are here, I hope you find something that helps you too.

I'm so very happy you are here.

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Hi, I'm Öz - I'm the name behind Journal Ȯbsessiȯn. I want to introduce myself and share a little about me as I think it's really important that especially small businesses like mine feel personal.

This isn't just a brand, it's me. From the idea, to the design, the creating of the website, the marketing, everything, it's all me. So at times it won't be perfect, I learn as I go along. Things aren't going to look super professional, because well they're not! And that's fine by me :)

I'm proud of the things I create and excited to share them with you, with people like me, who may benefit from the things I create. There's a little bit of me in everything I do and my life experiences shape my inspiration and the direction I go; just like all of us. I've had a hell of a ride in life so far, and despite the ups and downs, wouldn't change a thing! Because everything I've gone through has brought me right here. I cherish the 'lessons' I've faced and the 'challenges' I've overcome.
When I look I'm now able to see the bigger pictures in many of them. And a lot of that perspective I owe to discovering mindfulness and spirituality.

Öz 5 years ago and Öz now are very different people and it is greatly because of these two concepts being introduced into my life. I like to learn new things every day and keep on broadening my outlook.
Anyway, if you've read all of this, we may be more alike than you know :) I hope you stick around and help me build a community - a love and light army committed to personal growth and making the spaces we are in better and brighter. Much love and gratitude, Öz

P.S. you'll find me either hyper-fixated on a task, losing track of time, forgetting to eat... or completely out of focus, unable to concentrate on anything, a mind in absolute chaos and procrastinating like a pro! So probably best to not expect much consistency from me - hey I'm just being honest!

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