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Jordan Winter


Vintage/makeup/music lover. Body liberation🙌🏻 Married👩🏼‍🤝‍👨🏻 PHL🔔 SheHer

~ I don’t do this for you ~

Thank you
@lizzo for giving the best workout soundtrack AND teaching all of us that we are badasses in the bodies we have! 💜

#thicktok #fatandfit #bodyliberation #fatliberation #planetfitness #lizzo #amireadytobeloved
Putting on my eyes with the matte fluid eye paints and shadow sticks from @Halsey ’s @about-face . I’ve been determined over the past year to keep practicing with those materials, so while liquid/cream shadows are still challenging and “I’m still leeaarrnniiiing 🎶,” it’s super fun finally getting the hang of them. #aboutfacebeauty #aboutface #halsey #makeup #eyeshadowlook #liquideyeshadow
@Snapple Rain is back 🙌🏻 I havent tasted it since I was… 7ish? It’s grapier than I remember but JUST as yummy and refeshing!
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