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Replying to @1894954570lever Heres how my solar panel installation went. The grant/interest free loan program is called the greener homes program and it is available to all canadians. #gleansolar #greenerhomesgrant #solarpanels
Replying to @JohnAC #greenscreen Average installed pricefor solar panels in alberta is $20k before the grant. However, that depends on how much power you use and roof space you have. #greenerhomesgrant #gleansolar #solarpanels
Replying to @time2riot_canada Yes you can sell electricity to the grid in Alberta! You sell electricity to the grid when the amount of electricity produced by the solar array is greater than the amount you are using inside your building. This occurs on sunny days when you aren’t using much electricity in your building. After converting into A/C electricity inside the inverter, the meter counts how much electricity you are exporting so you can receive a credit on your electricity bill. You won’t ever end up making money on your bill, however if your credit grows large enough, you carry it over into subsequent months. #alberta #gleansolar #electricity #solarpanels
Replying to @benthieson0 The Solar Club™️ is an electricity rate plan that improves cost savings for owners of solar PV in Alberta.
It allows people with solar panels to switch between a high electricity rate ($0.30/kWh) and a low electricity rate ($0.125/kWh) depending on seasonal variations in solar energy production.
The high rate is used in the summer to maximize the value of electricity that gets exported to the grid. The low rate is used in the winter to keep the price of imported electricity as low as possible.
To use the Solar Club™️, you must switch to an electricity retailer that offers it. #alberta #gleansolar #thesolarclub
Replying to @joshlestersells Whether solar panels are worth it depends on many different factors. Not just sun hours. In particular... free money from the government is a big thing to consider! #alberta #gleansolar #greenerhomesgrant #solarpanels
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