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Jones for President 2024


Poverty Level Presidential Candidate for 2024 official Cashapp- $Jones4Potus2024


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We need to stand up and bring accountability to our government! They are supporting the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. Hamas is not a new born in a hospital, Hamas is not a child in a refugee camp, Hamas is not a woman fleeing through the evacuation route. ALL THOSE LOCATIONS HAVE BEEN BOMBED. #freepalestine #stopgenocide #jonesforpresident even @Bernie Sanders  is being paid off…
#duet with @trishesmusic #freepalestine
#greenscreen we need to stand with Chief. The treatment I witnessed him go through yesterday was absolutely atrocious. #indigenous #ACAB #racism #firstnation #comanche #POW #Veteran #policebrutality
From Paula Pena of the SEIU Indigenous peoples caucus. “Good Morning/Afternoon To Each of our Elected Officials;

I am writing to each of you under many roles. A registered voter, a Constituent, a momma of 5 boys, a niece of a drafted Vietnam war vet, a cousin of fully disabled three time tour, Afghanistan, veteran and as an elected leader in my union.

This letter is due to the conduct of some Douglas County police officers that was gross misconduct and racist behavior to a former POW Marine veteran at his place of employment. They are still working and allowed to wear a protect and serve uniform, when clearly they do not do that.

This man is a Comanche veteran who was sent to Oregon from from Colorado fire crew to Drain, Oregon to be the fire watch tower lookout during the 2023 fire season. He and his Blue Healer dog are certified Wildland firefighters for sometime.

He went to Elkton, Oregon to Arline’s to fill up his 5gallon jugs of water and and visit a friend.

Douglas county officers sought him out at his place of work. He was beaten and tased until he went into cardiac arrest. The officers proceeded to wait over two hours to take him to the emergency room for medical help.

While there, medical staff had to demand that officers remove the cuffs as they were trying to save this Marines life, who was a POW in Afghanistan, and pushing officers out of the room.

As the Co-Chair of Indigenous People’s Caucus with SEIU503, our Indigenous community demand justice for our Indigenous Veteran and that these racist officers or discharged immediately!

While in the hospital, the veteran and medical staff overheard the officers speak  about making charges up since they had nothing to hold him on. In the video the officer NEVER stated why they came up to arrest him. He now has a court appearance on 11/13/2023 at 8:30a in Roseburg OR.

Police brutality among Native / Indigenous people is never reported on Mainstream media. Data is always skewed because we are classified as “other”, “non-white” or “something else.”

This is NOT a Republican vs Democrat issue! This is a moral, human rights and racist issue!

As elected candidates, you seek our votes, and NEVER reach out to our Indigenous People!

It is shameful to be an Oregonian knowing that those who were sworn to protect, drove out and trespassed onto federal land while another first responder was working!

Below is just some data on how police brutality is tracked and it’s shameful to Oregon numbers on how many Native people suffer.


Thank you for your immediate assistance and response on this matter,

Paula Peña-Urenda
Sub-Local 581 Treasurer, CAT Team Lead, General Council Delegate, Co-Chair Indigenous Peoples Caucus, Co-Chair, Women of Color Caucus, Region 1 Director, Civil & Human Rights Committee, Veterans Caucus, & Differently Abled Caucus
Local 581 SEIU 503 OPEU

“Education makes us a white man’s equal, the lack of it will make us his victim.” Joe Medicine Crow”
#indigenous #ACAB #racism #institutionalizedracism #jonesforpresident2024 #politics #reform #policereform #justice
Happy #NativeAmerican heritage month! Tag your favorite indigenous creators on this app for others to learn about! #jonesforpresident2024 #jonesnforchange #indigenous #nativeamericanheritagemonth #letsgo @Che Jim @1876band
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