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Heal America


#HealAmerica is a movement to fight racial injustice with love and redemption.



This #secondchance month, it’s important to remember that formerly incarcerated people can turn their past into a purpose for a better future. ❤️‍🩹 Summer of Healing Grantee Dr. @esteriamiller is doing just that. She uses her life experiences to pour hope into incarcerated mothers and youth. ✨ #healamerica #racialhealing #communityhealing #violenceprevention created by Heal America with Heal America's original sound - Heal America
This #SecondChance Month, Summer of Healing Grantee Candace Fleming encourages those with incarcerated loved ones that courage can look like crying in the shower one day and being joyful the next. She knows this first-hand through her own journey. Her husband, Willie, has been incarcerated for over 4,500 days, but she’s still lifting up others. Learn more about her story and organization Families of Conviction. 🫂

#racialhealing #communityhealing #secondchancemonth #monthofsecondchances #familiesofconviction
“I would give every dollar back to have my brother sitting right here.”

“That's the honest truth.”

"He had that kind of way of making you feel comfortable and accepted. [With him] you were comfortable. You were at home. You were with family. And that came from our upbringing. My mother allowed people to be who they are. And he took that from her.”

“She let so many people live at our house. We had cousins live there for 4-5 years. We had grown people who needed to get back on their feet. That's just how it was. We would be like, 'Why are these people here?' And she would say, 'They need help.'”

“So when he would do things, it always had a family aspect to it so he could make you feel comfortable. You were never on guard.”

“Like whenever he was gonna have a conversation [with unlikely partners], he had to have the best food there. He took that so seriously. If you didn't have the right kind of food, he didn't even want to have a conversation. It was about the camaraderie.”

“I remember when he told me he was starting Heal America.”

“I was like, 'What is Heal America?'”

“He said, 'Man, every side needs to be able to hear each other and come together. And America needs to heal. Not Black, not white, all of America needs to heal. Not just one side or the other, because they have issues and we have issues. So both sides need to heal.’”

“Who can argue with that?”

"In the hospital [when he was close to his death], he told us 'Don't forget, move forward. And stay in the kingdom.’”

“Those were two things he’d say all the time. I just take them with me.”

Larry Leon Jefferson Jr.
Brother of Bishop Omar Jahwar

Today the family of the late Bishop Omar celebrates their beloved brother and our beloved leader, the founder of Heal America. Born on April 3, 1973, Bishop forged a legacy that must become even more triumphant – one of peace, harmony, and redemption. During a time fraught with division and hate, Bishop Omar brought people of every race, creed, and political party together to understand each other and to heal, unite, and move forward.

Bishop Omar impacted countless lives and his legacy will continue to inspire many more to heal America.
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