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There will be times in life when you come to a fork in the road.

One road is comfortable, culturally acceptable, and smooth. However, it’s not until you get to the end when you realize that the ease of life has resulted in accomplishing very little. You’ve pressed the easy button.

The other is treacherous. You must constantly exert mental and physical energy. You will be frowned upon or even persecuted by society. It’s almost guaranteed you’ll be destroyed before you’ll create…but the creation is all worth it in the end.

These decisions can be everything from having/raising children (treacherous and physically exhausting, becoming culturally frowned upon, but incredibly beautiful) to shining light on the potential dangers of government mandated policies.

Here is a sneak peak at our upcoming episode with @RWMaloneMD. Dr Malone, a scientist who was instrumental in the creation of mRNA vaccines, took the treacherous path, has been skewered by the media, and lost his business as a result. Looking back, would he have done it differently?
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