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Transformed this table in a day and I am so shocked with how easy it was to do and how beautiful it turned out!

This leads to Part 1 of “DIY IN A DAY”. DIY’ing can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! I’ll be sharing more easy DIYs in the future that hopefully can give you the confidence to just try it! 😃

This was as easy as Painting, adding finishing wax - which required a little elbow grease, then updating the hardware. That’s it - no sanding required and I didn’t even have to move my table!

Here are the steps:

1. Prep the area, lay down protective mat under your table or furniture piece (or if you are like me, trash bags 😆) to protect your floors. Take off any hardware.
2. Using a paint brush, brush on two coats of chalk paint. I used “Summerwood” by BEHR found at Home Depot
3. Let the chalk paint dry between coats (doesn’t take long to dry at all - an hour / hour and half)
4. Once paint is dry, rub on the finishing wax really well all over with a clean rag. I used Jolie Finishing Wax in Brown which I found off Amazon. Let that dry over night.
e / furniture piece will be all done! Put hardware back on or update with new hardware - I found my gold knobs off Amazon!

THATS IT! It now has a beautiful white oak tone and has added so much warmth to my space ❤️

Let me know if you have any questions and if you plan on trying this too!

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I think I have found the secret combo to transforming old orange toned wood into beautiful warm oak looking wood!

Check out the before and after of my Dresser!

Let me first say, I am not furniture expert, actually furniture is my least favorite thing to do 😆 but this dresser had been sitting in my garage for a year and I needed one for my daughters room - so I thought I would give it a go!

I had seen several people post about white washing to get rid of the orange, but did not want the rustic look it sometimes gives you for this space, so I thought I would experiment with using a brown tone vs the white… and I was SHOCKED with how beautifully it covered up the orange tones!

Here are the steps:

-I started by sanding down every part of the dresser, I started with a lower grit first (120 and worked my way up to a higher grit). This is timely, but I recommend you do this to get the wood nice and smooth.

-Once it was sanded, I mixed up the paint. I went with a mix of two paint colors from Sherwin Williams (Cardboard and Utaupia). I mixed one part of each paint for two parts paint total, with 10 parts water. I tried just the cardboard paint color at first and it was a little yellow, so mixing in Utaupia gave me the perfect tone I was looking for!

-I then brushed the mix on in sections, and let sit for about 30 seconds to a minute, and then wiped off with a sponge. I repeated this step as necessary for the tone I wanted.

-Once the entire dresser was dried, I finished it off with a Matte Poly coat to protect it.

-I decided to keep the original hardware and just spruced them up by spray painting a bright brass color.

That’s it! 🤗

What do you all think of this transformation? Let me know in the comments below!

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