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Johnny Kollin


Founder of Várri Consultancy.



In celebration of its 3rd anniversary, @Bombay Borough Dubai invited us for a complimentary taste of its new celebratory menu, available for a limited time.

On the theme of “Culinary Episodes - Anniversary Edition”, guests can choose from various regional dishes that showcase different aspects of Indian cuisine in a modern way.

We started “Episode 1” with a shared starter platter with a modern take on some of the different types of bread India has to offer: biscuit bhakari with kadhi, crisp rice roti with chicken curry, while wheat baati with tomato chokha, cordoi crisp with jolphai chutney and jungle bread with chilli chutney. The rice bread crisp was perhaps the most interesting, paired with aromatic chicken curry served as a butter candle.

In the second episode of our journey, we had pan-seared salmon served with Guchchi morels - similar to Swedish black morels - and a morel vinaigrette on a base of katliyan potato gratin made in traditional Indian clay pots. The morels, sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas, had been spiced and grilled in tandoor, which enhanced their delicious favour and somewhat made the salmon redundant to the dish.

Our third episode was a lamb kebab with just enough heat, serviced with pickles and butter naan bread.

We finished the meal with a dessert platter consisting of a Jim-Jam fudge bar, a flaky pastry cone filled with bubblegum cream, and imli cream-filled profiteroles.

My favourites were the morels (which could've been a separate vegetarian dish, in my view) and the kebab.

But what (positively) surprised me the most was the cocktails. I wouldn’t have thought about going to an Indian restaurant for an after-work cocktail.

Considering the restaurant’s location in the heart of Dubai’s financial district and its cocktail list, which offers a range of fun, tasty, and new drinks, it’s worth a visit just for that.

#restaurantsindubai #difcrestaurants #indianfood #cocktails
I’m proud to announce @Várri Consultancy won two awards at the International Business Magazine Awards 2022:

“Best Management Consulting Startup UAE 2022” and “Best New Boutique Consulting Firm UAE 2022”!

#award #managementconsulting #videoleap @shaam
When your #dog is bilingual and you’ve taught them the command “fetch” in English but the thing you want them to fetch (“nalle” = teddy bear) in Swedish. 😅 #jackrussell
#AfterWork and business #networking with @Várri Consultancy and the Swedish Business Council UAE at #Nonya Dubai. Live performance by Lisette Vega Uhlmann and Henrick Solera.
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