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Racial Biases in Medicine

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Black Ppl More Athletic?

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Derm on darker skin

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Racial Bias in Medicine

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Messages like this are my reminder of important it is to create content about healthcare disparities!

In the United States, a patient's race used to be taken into account in the evaluation of their kidney disease.

For Black patients a multiplier was added to the Glomerular Filtration Rate that increased a patient's GFR.

Studies showed that the calculation potentially overestimated GFR in some patients, making it less likely for treatments to be recommended to Black patients as compared non-Black patients.

One study estimated that 3.3 million more Black Americans would have been diagnosed with a higher stage of chronic kidney disease.

Thankfully, a new equation has now been created AND as of January 2023 if you were a Black patient that had the race adjusted GFR equation, you have the potential to now have your wait-time adjusted.
#racialbiasinmedicine #healthcare #joelbervell #medicine #doctor #healthequity #series #publichealh #stem #gfr #kidney #hiddenhistory #stem
Replying to @mrsnatadair Bruising unfortunately isn’t easy to detect on darker skin. But there are ways to do it! #bruise #dermatology #joelbervell
Replying to @Fuck this shit I’m out :3 This is a great question! I always like to use the example of Lyme Disease to describe why doctors not being able to recognize conditions on darker skin tones matters. #representationmatters #medicine #dermatology
#duet with @attn: What do these insect bites look like on darker skin? Its important to show what skin conditions look like on different skin tones because they can present differently. Representation in medicine matters! #bugbites #insectbites #representationmatters #medicine #dermatology
I made a #medicalracism Smarter in Seconds episode with the one and only @Blair Imani ! Make sure to share this video and follow her for incredible educational content.

Medical racism refers to systemic biases and discriminatory practices that impact the health outcomes of minoritized communities. These biases and practices have deadly consequences including the alarmingly high rate of Black maternal mortality.

False and racist beliefs like "Black people feel less pain," go all the way back to the 1700s as racist pseudoscientists worked to justify the unjustifiable: slavery and colonization. In the end, they settled on making things up and those made up things are still pervasive in today's healthcare system.

You don't have to be a medical student or a doctor to care about this.
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