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Hey, what's up! THE TOUR has been an incredible experience so far and my upgraded vision with @EVO ICL implantable lenses is a big reason why! I corrected my nearsightedness over a year ago with EVO ICL and I could not be any happier. Kevin and I want to answer the question we get asked the most: what's the difference between EVO ICL and LASIK?
Visit evoicl.com to learn more.
Joe and Kevin Jonas have EVO ICL lenses.
Important Safety Information:
The EVO Visian ICL lens is intended to correct/reduce nearsightedness between -3.0 D up to -20.0 D and treat astigmatism from 1.0 D to 4.0 D. If you have nearsightedness within these ranges, EVO Visian ICL surgery may improve your distance vision without eyeglasses or contact lenses. Because the EVO Visian ICL corrects for distance vision, it does not eliminate the need for reading glasses, you may require them at some point, even if you have never worn them before. Since implantation of the EVO Visian ICL is a surgical procedure, before considering EVO Visian ICL surgery you should have a complete eye examination and talk with your eye care professional about EVO Visian ICL surgery, especially the potential benefits, risks, and complications. You should discuss the time needed for healing after surgery. Complications, although rare, may include need for additional surgical procedures, inflammation, loss of cells from the back surface of the cornea, increase in eye pressure, and cataracts. You should NOT have EVO Visian ICL surgery if your doctor determines that 1) the shape of your eye is not appropriate, 2) you do not meet the minimum endothelial cell density for your age at the time of implantation, 3) you have moderate to severe glaucoma, 4) your vision is not stable; or 5) if you are pregnant or nursing.
For additional information with potential benefits, risks and complications please visit EVOICL.com
Replying to @Jess💜 Back with more hard hitting questions from #THETOUR rehearsals (Part 2)
Brought Cup Of Joe night to @The Surf Lodge last weekend and what a time!! Thanks to everyone for coming out and hanging with us ❤️ What city should we bring Cup Of Joe Night to next? Drop it in the comments!
Replying to @Viridiana Noriega The buttons just speak to me 😌
This still feels unreal 🤯 Thank you to my friend #BillyJoel for having me on stage to sing “Uptown Girl” with you tonight in Hyde Park. You’ve been a big inspiration to me and this was a bucket list moment. Life made.
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