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Jo & Lyndon | Business Coach


She’s Jo, He’s Lyndon Hosts of The Ambitious Dreamer Podcast 🎙️✨

#stitch with @Shelby and THAT’S on finding ways to delight your clients through their experience working with you 😍✨

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1️⃣ Know your audience’s Buyer Type — there are 4 different buyer types (Amiable, Expressive, Assertive, & Analytical). You likely have two of them in your audience & knowing which ones is incredibly insightful for how you create content for them!

If you want a full break-down on the 4 different buyer types, we recorded a whole podcast episode on the topic — you can listen to it when you search for “The Ambitious Dreamer Podcast”!

2️⃣ Have previous client reviews & results on deck — collect testimonials and results from your recent clients before your launch so you’re ready to show the impact you can deliver. You can collect these pieces with an Intake Form!

Take it a step further and organize your client results into a folder so you’re not hunting through the archives for screenshots! 😉

3️⃣ Rotate between educational, personal, and entertaining pieces of content — refer back to your audiences buyer type to know HOW to write your captions in a way that will lead to the most leads & conversions for you!

The key here is creating “Shareable Content”, captions and posts that will resonate with your audience and have them organically sharing it on their instagram stories or in the DMs to their friends. 👏🏼

Want even more tips on how to strategically map out a content plan for your upcoming launch? Let’s hop on a Marketing Consult!! 👇🏼

We’ll identify who your audiences buyer type is, craft a personalized launch plan for your offer, and hop on a follow-up call two weeks later to audit how things are going and where we need to make adjustments so you can fully optimize your content strategy for your launch. 🚀📲👏🏼

Comment “LAUNCH PLAN” and we’ll DM you all the details on what’s included and next steps! ✨

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