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Coach+Speaker Recognize Your Courage Reframe Your Challenge Reinvent Your Life

When you are in the thick of it and can’t see the future beyond where you are currently, who can see the light at the end of the tunnel - surround yourself with people who do because that will propel you forward!

As I am now coming upon a milestone moment in my Niece’s life that I truly didn’t think that I would be alive for as I was receiving cancer diagnosis after cancer diagnosis as well as having a heart transplant which also has had many questioning a very realistic possibility of limited time. And with all that here I am - ALIVE! Being apart of this milestone moment is literally a dream come true because I always dreamed that I would be here to celebrate it even if I couldn’t always truly believe that would be possible. Even though I couldn’t always conceive and believe this for myself- my mom, sister and husband always knew that I would be here for this celebration.

Surround yourself with people who believe in what is possible for you even when you can’t. Having supportive people in our lives is imperative to feeling empowered to persevere and rise above the current to create a future thst at one point was just a dream - a wish - leaning into your support squad can help to make that wish a reality.

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