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40+ Fat Loss Specialist Nutrition-Fitness-Int.Fasting40-60+ Live: Sun AM & 👇🏼


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Hello & Welcome to L.A.
Thank you
@blu shift LIVE agency agency for the invite! It was so fun meeting other @TikTok LIVE Creator s - especially people I see on the regs but have never met IRL.

Everyone in this video is part of the Blu Shift Live agency - all amazing people, who are warm, friendly, supportive and down to earth even though they’re #tiktokfamous

@Noah Jay
@Captain Erik
@the fronk
@Ciri.na | Real Life Siri 📱

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Have your health and fitness goals changed over time?

Mine sure have over last 3 decades.

When I started out in my 20’s, I was overweight, was a bonafide sugar addict and mostly processed & junk food. I had terrible lifestyle habits too. Staying out all night. Drinking and even social smoking 😖

In my 30s I wanted to be super fit and more of an athlete. I juggled a 2nd career as well. That’s also when I learned I needed my first of several spine surgeries.

In my 40s I reconfigured my whole way of working out because if my spine injury and transformed my body to the best shape of my life. I also started studying nutrition knowing there would come a day when I couldn’t out exercise my high sugar diet.

At 50, I had gotten the nutrition down to a science (because it IS a science). I kicked my sugar addiction. I also needed my hip replaced (done) and a wrist reconstruction (coming up soon).

Now at 56 (and in menopause) I don’t work out as hard as I used to. My injuries took my ego workouts down a few pegs. I rely heavily on nutrition habits for my health on the inside and looking good on the outside.

And yes, I did learn how to cook better over the years 😂.

Where are you in your health and fitness goal journey? It’s never too late to develop new habits. I’m here to help if you need guidance.

DM me or book a consultation with the link in my bio or a discovery call to see how my programs can help you reverse menopause waist gain.

#over50andfabulous #goalscheck #nutritioncoach #menopause #menopausehealth #over50fitness #ageisjustanumber #getfitover50 #getfitover40
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